How to get Revives in Pokemon Go

Weavile, Mamoswine and other Pokemon with Revives

Revives are some of the most important items in Pokemon Go as they are essential for taking part in Raids, Gyms, and Team Go Rocket battles. So, here’s a guide on how you can get more Revives in Pokemon Go.

Winning in Pokemon Go battles is largely based on type advantages and using the best attackers in the game. To dish out the highest amount of damage in these battles, players need to focus on factors like stats, Fast Moves, Charged Moves, and build a solid team strategy. However, these factors are irrelevant if your Pokemon has fainted after its Health Points hit zero.

So, players need items like Revives and Potions to restore a Pokemon’s health and get them ready for more battles. Even though your Pokemon won’t have HP-related issues in the Go Battle League, you’ll need to revive them after Raids, Team Go Rocket battles, and Gym fights.

Here’s how you can obtain Revives in Pokemon Go.

How to collect Revives in Pokemon Go

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Max Revives restore 100% of a Pokemon’s HP while normal Revives restore 50% HP.

These are the best sources of Revives in Pokemon Go:

  • Spinning Pokestops and Gyms – Pokestops and Gyms are the most reliable sources of Revives in the game. Spin them whenever you can and there’s a chance that one of the dropped items will be a Revive.
  • Gifts – Open gifts sent by your friends as they have a chance of containing Revives. You can open up to 30 gifts in a day.
  • Field Research tasks – Tap on the binocular icon at the bottom right of the Pokemon Go home screen. Here, you’ll find different types of Field Research tasks and some of them might hand out Revives as a reward.
  • Raid Battles – You can get Revives after defeating a Raid boss. While experienced Trainers can try taking part in three-star Raids alone, we don’t recommend taking part in five-star or Mega Raids alone as you’ll most likely lose a lot of Pokemon without any good rewards.
  • Leveling up – Pokemon Go players get a wide range of rewards such as Pokeballs, Egg Incubators, and Revives when they level up.

To be fair, Raids should not be your first priority when looking for Revives because they can be quite challenging. It’s better to have a long list of active friends that can send you gifts daily.

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Lastly, never underestimate Pokestops and Gyms as they can always hand out great items including Revives. They drop standard Revives until Lv. 29 and start dropping Max Revives (revive and restore a Pokemon’s full health) once you reach Lv. 30.

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