New Pokemon Go biomes are a breath of fresh air but old problems remain

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go beach biome

The new biomes in Pokemon Go are undoubtedly a great update. While everyone is loving them, some notorious bugs and glitches are giving the overall experience a beating.

Pokemon Go players worldwide can finally enjoy biomes, offering Pokemon spawns in unique ecosystems along with upgraded catch visuals. After the disastrous new avatars, biomes are a welcome departure and they look great. But this feature is not without fault, as some familiar issues are still troubling the community.

For many fans, this feature is extremely buggy, as the game lags when clicking on a spawn, while others are coming across temporary white flashes just before the encounters.

Obviously, Niantic deserve applause and credit where it’s due. Everyone agrees that not only are biomes great, but the game itself looks and feels very premium, with the map and Pokemon looking more polished than ever before.

Though the biomes still don’t make up for the Rediscover Kanto and Sustainable Week 2024 events being underwhelming, it is certainly a step in the right direction. And that is the irony because despite finally experiencing a well-received addition to Pokemon Go, old problems persist. This also emerged from a Reddit post by user ‘Nearby-Brilliant4843,’ who lauded the biomes update.

Fellow trainers jumped in the comments section, calling the backgrounds “really pretty” while also pointing out that they are experiencing lag. More players chimed in that they love the biomes and praised Niantic, adding that “they did absolutely crush it here,” but in the same vein, they shed light on more issues.

“It makes the game unplayable on older devices,” a trainer wrote before another added, “They are lagging my catching screen like crazy.” Others stated that their phones lag during loading and also highlighted the”white screen glitch.”

Biomes are undoubtedly one of the best things to happen in Pokemon Go, but with Rediscover Your Reality and Go Fest 2024 looming, and players experiencing lag, glitches, and still not over the terrible avatars, they would hope Niantic fixes these ASAP