Pokemon Go players demand avatar update rollback after Niantic’s promo fail

Lucas Simons
Pokemon Go avatar eye system

Niantic’s attempt to salvage the Pokemon Go avatar update with an X post has backfired after players accused them of “fake advertising.” The post has even been corrected by the X Community Notes system, and trainers are out for blood.

Pokemon Go‘s recent update on the avatar feature was not well received by the community, and players are calling out for the old system to be restored. To add insult to injury, the game’s official X account launched a post promoting an old feature as new, and fans accused Niantic of “fake advertising.”

Trainers were enraged after Niantic promoted that the latest avatar update let them customize its eye color, a feature which has been available for years, and even the X Community Notes system corrected the promo.


The avatar update was heavily critiqued after it caused several issues including mismatching in the avatar textures, visual glitches, and bugged cosmetics. Players couldn’t help but feel that Niantic aren’t paying attention to its community.

“How about listening to these comments and the community?” stated one of the angry players on Niantic’s X post, and another one commented: “Instead of advertising your failure, you should apologize and revert the changes!”

This controversial update has put a strain on the already tired community, who believe that Niantic seems to be “filtering the feedback,” and ignoring their complaints. Other trainers also mentioned that they never complained about the original avatar system to begin with, and that “the priority should be set on fixing other broken things in the game.”

Whether the Pokemon Go devs revert the changes on this ill-received update or not, we will keep you informed on the progress of the game. In the meantime, you should check what’s ahead with the Rediscover Pokemon Go schedule, and here’s all you should know to beat Mega Aggron Raids.