Pokemon Go players missing out on powerful Legendary due to frustrating Remote Raid bugs

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go legendary tapu fini with remote raid passes

Catching Tapu Fini with Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon Go is proving impossible for many players as they aren’t even getting the chance to encounter the Legendary.

Remote Raid Passes have been slammed by Pokemon Go players ever since they were nerfed back in April 2023. If the increased costs and limit of only five Raids per day weren’t frustrating enough already, trainers are now facing another huge issue, especially with 5-Star Tapu Fini battles.

After beating the powerful Water/Fairy-type Pokemon, trainers are automatically removed from the Raid and cannot encounter the Legendary. This makes all their efforts go in vain and wastes a prized Remote Raid Pass, which you purchase with Poke Coins or real money.

You should know that Tapu Fini has a new Charged Move, Nature’s Madness, which makes it incredible in the Go Battle League, especially in the Great and Ultra League. So trainers are all the more eager to add it to the teams.

A user named ‘FAmos’ faced this Remote Raid bug twice. They shared their experience in a Reddit post where they called it “unacceptable” since they paid to do the Raid battle.

Trainers commented: “I feel you. It’s absolute trash right now. My game crashes after every raid before I get to do the encounter so ya, I feel your pain” and “I had this happen to me with Tapu Fini as well. No trick worked. I closed the game and still only went to the gym and not the raid Pokemon.”

As more confirmed “tonnes of crashes on the encounter transition,” another added that the issues weren’t limited to the battles alone as the game freezes on the map after getting a Remote Raid invite.

Also, reporting this to Niantic Support for compensation of Remote Raid Passes doesn’t seem to be helping either as the bot finds no issues most of the time, leaving fans frustrated and helpless.

With new Ultra Beast Raids and Go Fest 2024 on the horizon, Pokemon Go players will be hoping to have this issue resolved ASAP to catch ’em all worry-free.

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