“Crazy” Pokemon Go player completes entire level with no catches or Raids

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go level 44 completion screen

Leveling up is a challenging task in Pokemon Go but a player has completed level 43 without catching a single Pokemon, doing Raids, or spinning PokeStops in the game and fans can’t help but ask: “How?!”

The Pokemon Go community is always focused on making progress in the game and earning attractive rewards as they complete each level.

That said, crossing a level in Pokemon Go is easier said than done as it requires you to complete several challenging tasks and earn tons of XP. So when a Reddit user posted about completing level 43 without any Pokemon catches or Raids, many were left stunned.

Pokemon Go player beats level 43 without a single catch or Raid

When Reddit user ‘JuanG12’ shared a post about reaching level 44 in the game and mentioned, “I made it through level 43 without catching a Pokemon, winning a raid, or visiting a stop,” many were quick to join the comments section and share their views on the achievement.

One user referred to the difficulty of the feat by writing, “Yeah it’s a pain all right,” while another called the OP a “total and utter legend.”

But the main question on everyone’s mind was how the OP had got the job done without catching any Pokemon or participating in any Raids. To this, the OP replied:

“I was struggling to level up from 41 and stacked enough XP for level 44. 43 only has battle league challenges, which are fairly easy to complete.”

Fans of the mobile game should note that crossing level 43 in Pokemon Go requires them to complete these tasks:

  • Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Great League
  • Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Ultra League
  • Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Master League
  • Battle in the Battle League 20 times
pokemon go pvp great, ultra, and master league logos
Winning a third battle in a GBL set leads to an encounter with a Pokemon that needs to be captured.

This prompted players to ask how the OP completed the tasks as winning three battles would have forced the OP to catch a Pokemon to complete the set. But it looks like ‘JuanG12’ had some tricks up their sleeve.

“I tanked most sets by putting low CP Pokémon in battles. I was originally trying to win 2 and lose 3, but came across someone else who I assumed was also tanking and thought I was screwed. Luckily they attacked and won. Didn’t want to risk it after that.”

Those who are yet to reach levels 42 and 43 can stack up their XP by taking advantage of Lucky Eggs or Spotlight Hour events, making it easy for them to breeze past these two levels easily.

pokemon go lucky eggs promo image
A Lucky Egg can help you earn 50% more XP.

It is definitely challenging to complete a level without doing the basic tasks of the game, as the user put it: “Avoiding a catch or spin wasn’t so easy. The urge almost got me, especially in GBL, where I almost got a third win in a set.”

It looks like breezing through a level doesn’t just require XP but also needs you to make a clever strategy like this player did.

Meanwhile, no matter which level you are in, you can check out details of the upcoming Community Day and what the current Go Battle League schedule looks like in Pokemon Go.

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