Simple Pokemon Go tips earn you over 50,000 XP in just one catch

Niladri Sarkar
pokemon go xp farming

A few handy tricks in Pokemon Go can let you farm over 50,000 XP with one just successful catch, helping you level up quickly.

Pokemon Go trainers need to farm millions of XP to reach the level 50 goal, so they spare no effort to collect more XP from catching Pokemon, hatching Eggs, beating Raids, and so much more.

But, when a user named ‘Gotorg’ shared their 54,020 XP haul from a single catch on Reddit, it shed light on a foolproof technique to collect tons of XP to help you level up in the mobile game.

The OP made an Excellent Throw on the first Ball to catch a Poipole for their Pokedex during the Bagon Community Day Classic, which had a 3x catch XP bonus, while also being their 7-Day Streak of catches. With a Lucky Egg active, they ended up with more than 50,000 XP.

Trainers added that with a Mega Evolution of the same type as the species you’re about to catch, you can get 100 more XP. Others insisted on taking advantage of events that offer bonus XP. “Bagon day was pretty good for me. 1 million exp in 3 hours with lucky eggs, excellent throws and fast catching,” a user wrote.

The 50,000 XP is just the tip of the iceberg in such events as one trainer pointed out that they earned over 70k XP from a catch previously, to which fellow players reminded that it was a Bidoof event with 4x bonus XP.

Make sure you look out for silhouettes on the ‘Nearby’ spawn list of your game screen to add a new species to your collection before you catch anything else on your seventh straight day of playing Pokemon Go. Also, don’t forget to drop a Lucky Egg for extra XP.