Pokemon Go update makes throws so difficult it must be a bug

Niladri Sarkar
ash ketchum throwing a poke ball

A serious bug appears to have made its way to Pokemon Go along with the 0.317.0 update, making it a nightmare for players to do something as simple as catching Pokemon.

The basic quest to catch ’em all is proving to be a nightmare for Pokemon Go trainers, as update 0.317.0 has brought a shocking problem making it quite a task to get Poke Ball throws. It’s such a concerning issue, that everyone is calling it a major bug.

Players are struggling to land Excellent, Great, and Nice Throws, and many can’t even get their Poke Balls to make contact with the Pokemon. This was posted on The Silph Road subreddit by user ‘SwagPatrol’ with the caption: “Pokeball collision point is BEHIND the Pokemon in 0.317.0.”

The OP highlighted that apart from the update making Excellent Throws impossibly difficult, the collision point has been changed to be farther back, behind the Pokemon.

They found this prominently with Crabrawler, featured heavily in the Spelunker’s Cove event, as the Poke Ball disappears behind its claws before it can touch the species.

Fellow Pokemon Go trainers shared their experiences, calling it “horrible” and “frustrating,” and one person said, “Thank you for posting this, I was wondering why I’ve been hitting like trash, can’t even seem to get basic great throws lately!”

Others confirmed that previously Excellent Throws now landed under the catch circle, and they also had a hard time completing Field Research tasks requiring them to make a certain number of throws. One user also tested it on a Grimer and saw that even normal throws collided with the Pokemon behind the circle.

Regardless of whether you’re attempting Excellent Throws or even a usual one, the Poke Ball fails to make contact within the catch circle that gives bonus XP for making good throws.

What’s more, it’s affecting people who participated in the Go Fest 2024 Madrid event, with one player losing six out of the 10 Remote Raids as they couldn’t catch the Raid Boss due to this bug.

Most Pokemon Go players are reverting back to the previous app version, as they hope that this concerning bug is fixed ASAP, with the Go Fest Global event on the horizon, which features the highly anticipated debut of the Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings fusions of Necrozma in Raids.

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