Overwatch 2 players share a vital overlooked tip for newcomers

Joseph Pascoulis
overwatch 2 payload on dorado

Overwatch 2 veterans are sharing a great tip for new and even returning players who may not have been aware.

Mastering Overwatch 2 can definitely be a grind, as it’s not just about picking the best Heroes and knowing your way around the maps. Sometimes, you need that extra bit of information and IQ to get the win, especially in the Competitive mode.

As Overwatch 2 is in its first season, rebooting the success of the hero shooter’s predecessor, there are many new players to the game, especially since it’s now free-to-play.

With that said, these new players and even those returning after a long hiatus may need some help from the veterans in the community when it comes to important tips.

Having a high IQ in a game like Overwatch 2 can really go a long way, and players are sharing an overlooked tip in the Payload game mode that players should know about.

Reddit user _Goose_ decided to highlight an important tip in the Overwatch subreddit in order to inform “new players,” as well as those who “went years into OW1 without knowing this.”

The post has an image with a big message on it that reads “THE PAYLOAD HEALS YOU,” informing players that in the objective-based game mode Payload, the objective/vehicle that players are escorting can actually provide heals for those in need.

This is a vital tip for those on Tank and DPS heroes, as your Support teammates may be respawning or just not in the best situation to heal you, so using the Payload to get some health back can save your life and potentially give you the advantage needed to win.

The community seem to love this feature too, with fans of Team Fortress 2 expressing their opinions in the comments, “As someone who played TF2, it was nice to see that when I got into a match,” with a reply also saying “Right? I didn’t know that when I was new but my first instinct was to run to the payload when I was low on health lol.”

However, as someone in the comments points out, this is only for the “attacking team,” so keep that in mind when you’re next playing Payload on Overwatch 2. Further, it’s also important to note that the Robot in the new game mode PUsh does not have the same effect.

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Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment

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