Overwatch 2 player shares “big brain” Lifeweaver trick to trap enemy team

Emily Stander
Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 Support players have a defined role in team play, but, as one player has pointed out, sometimes they can use their abilities in interesting ways to give your team the upper hand. 

Overwatch 2’s Lifeweaver has been in the game for four seasons now, and the character’s kit was like nothing players had seen in the game before. Using flowers as a source of healing, Lifeweaver is also able to lift players up with a Petal Platform and pull teammates out of trouble with Life Grip. 

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Lifeweaver’s Ultimate ability, the Tree of Life, creates a large area of effect where teammates receive a ton of healing in bursts. The tree itself is also a large, solid structure, which makes it difficult for enemies to navigate around. 

One player found an interesting way to use this Ultimate ability in a unique way, as instead of using it to support their team, they used it as a trap for the enemy Tank. 

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In a post on Reddit, ‘Relius205’ said, “I love using the tree to waste the Tank’s time. Used my tree to block the main spawn door after the Tank died in the last point.” 

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On the last point of Midtown, the player used Lifeweaver’s Ultimate ability to block the main spawn door and prevent the enemy Orisa from walking through. In a moment of panic, the Orisa did not try to use the other spawn doors for a moment, giving the Lifeweaver’s team time to capture the point. 

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Some Overwatch 2 players in the comments said that this play might have caused the player to lose the game for their team. “Your Reaper and Mauga hit 1 HP during your walk. Your Echo died for it. You almost got hit by Orisa’s spear and walked next to enemy Ana and Illari. Wouldn’t recommend this play in a quality game,” a player commented. 

The play that the OP shared seemed to be all about timing, and some players called it a “big brain” move. If they had walked forward too late or too soon, it wouldn’t have worked. As another player commented, it worked against them in a different game. 

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“Had someone do this to me last night in the hallway at the first point for Numbani. Trapped me from point and I had to go out and charge in from main on defense. We lost the point solely because of it honestly,” they explained. 

So, though the trick may be risky, there are times when it can work. While the Ultimate is meant to be used for healing, this player showed how it is possible to use it as a form of map control instead. 

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