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Every upcoming Overwatch 2 map: Gothenberg, India, leaks

Overwatch 2 leaks have revealed new maps that players could be battling it out on in the near future, with Season 2 on the horizon.



overwatch 2 gothenburg and india unreleased maps

Overwatch 2 is set to get some more new maps in the future, with leaks revealing details and images for India and Gothenburg, which could potentially arrive in the new season.

Although Overwatch 2 has just launched with its first season and subsequent Battle Pass, with players desperately trying to level up as fast as possible, fans are already looking into the future.

While the launch wasn’t the smoothest, and Blizzard have tried to make amends by offering players free cosmetics, players are excited for what’s to come. As well as the Wrath of the Bride Halloween event to look forward to, players are also excited for Overwatch Season 2.

Although there are only small known details about Overwatch 2’s second season we do know that a new Tank Hero and map will be arriving, leaving fans speculating.

Overwatch 2 unreleased maps

India & Gothenburg

Twitter user OverwatchNaeri put a post up of two unreleased Overwatch 2 maps, as well as suggesting that one of the two could be released in Season 2.

Thanks to leaks, a short snippet at BlizzCon 2019, and teasers by Blizzard, players have seen glimpses of these maps, which are called Gothenburg and India. Gothenburg is set in Sweden, while India is, of course, set in India.

While both India and Gothenburg were rumored to release upon Overwatch 2’s launch, it’s now clear that these maps are still being worked on and that one of them could arrive as early as Season 2.

Gothenburg was first revealed briefly at BlizzCon 2019, while India is a leaked map that was seen briefly in a PvE snippet/image. Rumors and speculation are suggesting that both Gothenburg and India are two new maps for the new game mode which is replacing the removed Two Capture Point maps/mode.

However, this is all unconfirmed, so we’ll need to wait until Blizzard make an official statement on the matter.

As more information is revealed about future maps for Overwatch 2, we’ll be sure to update this piece, for now, check out everything we know about the McDonalds x Overwatch collab.

Image Credits: Blizzard Entertainment