All new maps & reworks coming to Overwatch 2: Anubis, Runasapi, more

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Illari in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 will see many changes coming starting in Season 10, including the release of a brand new map called Runasapi, a possible new map inspired by Anubis, and reworks to existing maps. Here is everything you need to know. 

Overwatch 2 has seen a lot of changes recently, and Game Director Aaron Keller revealed in the developer update on March 19, 2024 that more are coming in future seasons. Among major Hero changes, one of the biggest content updates coming is the addition of a new Push map – Runasapi.

Alongside that, Keller also said that the devs are looking into making some big changes to existing maps. Here is everything you need to know about these map changes, and what we can expect from Runasapi. 

New maps coming to Overwatch 2: Runasapi, Hanaoka and Anubis

Runasapi is a new Push map coming to Overwatch 2 in Season 11, and Hanaoka will come to the game at the start of Season 10.

Illari in Overwatch 2
Runasapi will come to Overwatch 2 in Season 11.

New Push map Runasapi

Push is one of the new modes that came with the release of Overwatch 2 to some mixed reviews from players. Currently, there are only two Push maps: Esperanca and Colosseo. In Season 11, Runasapi will be thrown into the mix. 

Runasapi will be set in Peru, and according to Keller, will give players a deeper look at Illari’s world and the Inti warriors. We’re not sure exactly what this means just yet, but we could assume the map will include some easter eggs relevant to the Support Hero. 

New mode Clash and Hanaoka

Clash is a new mode being introduced in Season 10, and the first map to be released for it will be Hanaoka and an unnamed second map. 

Inspired and reworked from Overwatch 1 fan-favorite map Hanamura, Hanaoka will include the iconic cherry blossoms and Japanese architecture that made Hanamura a beautiful map to play on. 

Clash will feature five capture points in a row, with the central point unlocked at the start of the game. To win, teams will need to capture the center point and two more points in enemy territory. 


While Hanaoka has been confirmed as one of the new Clash maps coming to the game, it doesn’t seem to be the only map inspired by an old Overwatch 1 2CP location. As we can see in Venture’s gameplay trailer, we could also expect a rework of Anubis.

Anubis was also a 2CP map in Overwatch 1, and since Keller has mentioned there will be more than one Clash map added to the game in Season 10, fans are speculating that Anubis will be the second addition alongside Hanaoka.

In the Venture Gameplay trailer, we see them stop and admire a statue of the god Anubis at the end. So, the map may not have the same name, but the trailer teased a possibility of the return of the Egyptian map.

For now, fans are calling it Anubis, but we will keep you updated with any more reveals in the coming weeks.

All map reworks coming in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 devs have confirmed that a few more maps will be receiving reworks in coming seasons, including Colloseo, Dorado, Circuit Royale, Havana, and Numbani.

Colloseo in Overwatch 2
Colloseo is getting a rework in Season 11.

Colloseo will see a rework in Season 11, while there are no set dates for the other maps that were mentioned just yet. Keller did mention, however, that they will see “significant” updates, so we can expect some major changes on the way. 

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