Best Overwatch 2 Heroes: Tank, DPS & Support ranked

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Overwatch 2 Underworld levelBlizzard

Overwatch 2’s competitive and casual landscape keeps changing with each season. New heroes keep changing the meta. With that said, here are the best Overwatch 2 heroes ranked, whether they’re Tank, DPS, or Support heroes.

Overwatch 2 Season 6 is now live and it has introduced many balance changes that have impacted the hero meta from the last season.

The Overwatch 2: Invasion overhaul arrived on August 10, 2023, and along with PvE missions, two new game modes, and a fresh player progression system, it has introduced a new Support hero.

It’s important to remember that you will need to select your role when playing Competitive or Quick Play Role Queue. Whichever role you prefer to play, whether DPS, Support, or Tank, here are the best heroes ranked in Overwatch 2.

Best Overwatch 2 characters ranked

As Overwatch is all about team play and composition, it’s important to break down the best characters in Overwatch 2 into three classes: Tank, DPS, and Support. It’s also wise to remember that this list isn’t gospel and most characters are strong if used correctly, especially if you are picking based on countering who the enemy team picks.

Here are all of the best Tank, DPS, and Support heroes in Overwatch 2 ranked.

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Overwatch 2 showdown between Moira, Pharah, Lucio, Soujourn, Winston, Zenyatta, JunkerQueen, Hanzo and Echo.Blizzard
Keep in mind to pick the hero that works best with your team’s strategy.

Best Overwatch 2 Tank characters

  1. D.Va
  2. Junker Queen
  3. Zarya
  4. Ramattra
  5. Winston
  6. Sigma
  7. Orisa
  8. Doomfist
  9. Reinhardt
  10. Roadhog

There’s a newfound emphasis placed on Tanks in Overwatch 2 since teams can now only have one of them, making it a significant and influential pick when it comes to team composition.

D.Va enjoyed a much-needed buff in Overwatch 2 Season 6, which has greatly improved her survivability. She used to be very vulnerable in her pilot form, but Season 6 made her immune to damage for 0.4 seconds while ejecting from her mecha and even reduced the cooldown from her Boosters to 3.5, greatly improving her mobility.

Overwatch 2 Junker QueenBlizzard
Junker Queen is still a favorite for her offensive abilities and survivability.

In close second place, it’s Junker Queen, who has been one of the top picks since Season 4. She’s a versatile, offensive tank who can passively heal herself with HP-stealing abilities. Carnage and Jagged Blade allow her to keep moving forward without the need for a support hero. Though, her Commanding Shout has been nerfed from the additional HP, being reduced from 200 to 150.

Ever since Rammatra made his way into the limelight, he’s been a dominant pick, despite subsequent nerfs. The reason Ramattra is placed quite high on the list is due to the fact that Reinhardt and Sigma got nerfed pretty badly. Reinhardt’s armor was reduced from 300 to 250 HP while his base health was buffed from 175 to 200 HP, and his Ultimate cost increased by 12%.

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Sigma’s Accretion Impact has been bumped down from 60 to 40 in the latest season, and his Base movement deceleration increased to match standard heroes. Previously, the Accretion-primary fire combo one-shot a 200 HP hero, which is not possible now. Unless you can throw a short-range melee into the mix.

Sadly, Roadhog has been nerfed into oblivion since the release of Overwatch 2. Fans are asking for a big rework on this beloved tank, but developers haven’t confirmed their plans for him yet.

Best Overwatch 2 DPS characters

  1. Tracer
  2. Soldier 76
  3. Sojourn
  4. Genji
  5. Pharah
  6. Symmetra
  7. Mei
  8. Echo
  9. Reaper
  10. Cassidy
  11. Ashe
  12. Reaper
  13. Junkrat
  14. Hanzo
  15. Widowmaker
  16. Pharah
  17. Sombra
  18. Torbjorn
  19. Bastion

Most of the DPS characters are pretty viable in Overwatch 2, especially as some characters are better on certain game modes and maps than others.

Tracer is still one of the most viable picks in Overwatch 2. Although mastering Tracer comes with a learning curve, once you get the hang of her, she becomes pretty flexible in every scenario, even for taking out long-ranged DPS heroes such as Ashe or Widowmaker.

Sojourn and Tracer in Overwatch 2Blizzard
Tracer and Sojourn have great movement speed and can be lethal in every position.

Just like Tracer, Solider 76 is a great pick in almost every scenario with his hit-scan automatic rifle. If you’re starting out, Soldier 76 is the best pick to get a feel for the game. Soldier 76 is great for flanking enemies, and his aim-bot ultimate is OP in every rank, even if his Helix Rocket damage was reduced from 90 to 80 in Season 6.

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Sojourn is similar to Soldier 76, but her Disruptor Shot has made landing shots much easier. Even if her Railgun is much more difficult to control than Soldier 76, once players understand how to aim with her, she becomes quite unstoppable.

Another victim of Overwatch 2 general reworks has been Bastion, whose huge hit-box and sluggish movements have turned him from a sturdy Tank to a flimsy DPS.

Best Overwatch 2 Support characters

  1. Ana
  2. Illari
  3. Brigitte
  4. Kiriko
  5. Zenyatta
  6. Mercy
  7. Moira
  8. Baptiste
  9. Lucio
  10. Lifeweaver

Even if Overwatch Season 6 nerfed her damage and healing from 75 to 70, Ana is still one of the most effective Support characters. Her abilities aren’t only useful for her team, but her Biotic Grenade and Sleep Dart usually cause a lot of trouble to their opponents.

Overwatch 2 IllariBlizzard
Illari is quickly becoming a fan favorite in Overwatch 2.

The release of Illari as a Support Hero has currently left Brigitte in third place. Her main weapon is a long-range powerful rifle that also has healing abilities from afar. She benefits from great mobility thanks to her Outburst, which also knocks enemies down for a few seconds. However, as with most Overwatch 2 new heroes, it’s probable that Illari receives a balance change in the next update.

Lifeweaver has received lots of improvements in Season 6, which has ensured his survivability. However, the usefulness of his abilities is still inconsistent, and can take a while to master him fully.

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That’s all for our list of the best Overwatch 2 characters to use in Season 6. Make sure to check out our Overwatch 2 guides:

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