Is 6v6 returning in Overwatch 2?

Nathan Warby
Overwatch 2 Heroes fighting

With Overwatch 2‘s launch Blizzard made the decision to scrap 6v6 matches in favor of 5v5, reducing the number of Tanks on both teams to just one. But, ever since players have been desperate for the original format to return.

With Season 11 now live, the devs have opened up on how they feel Tanks are performing in the current meta and the “tough spot” the role is in. This led a number of players to speculate that Blizzard could bring back the extra Tank slot in a future update.

So, is 6v6 coming back to Overwatch 2? Here’s everything we know so far.

Are 6v6 matches coming to OW2?

There are currently no confirmed plans to bring back 6v6 matches with two Tanks in Overwatch 2. However, Game Director, Aaron Keller, has revealed that they intend to provide an update on this in a future announcement.

“We recognize that this is an important topic for many people, (including us!) and would like to jump into the conversation to share our pov,” said the dev in an X post. “Look for more on this in the next Director’s Take, or possibly Dev Update.”

This came after he shared a Director’s Take blog post that discussed the state of Tanks in Season 11, which kickstarted a discussion among the community about the need to scrap 5v5 matches and return to the 6v6 format used in the original OW.

In that post, Keller explained that the team are aware of the balancing issues affecting Tanks in the current season, claiming that this problem has been obvious since the start of Season 9.

“That’s not to say that tanks were in a perfect spot before Season 9, but the problem now is that most of them just don’t feel as ‘tanky’ as they should,” said the post. “Many times, both Support heroes need to focus solely on the tank just to keep them alive. In this scenario, both the Tank and Supports can feel like they have limited options in their gameplay, as they are essentially tied to each other.”

While many players feel that bringing back the second Tank on each team would solve the problem, it’s highly unlikely that this is the route the devs will take.

Instead, according to the same post, they will focus on buffing the role to improve the overall balance: “We’re putting together a patch that is targeted at increasing the tankiness of many of these heroes, but we’re doing it through individual changes to each of them.”

With this in mind, we’re expecting the upcoming news on 6v6 to be more of an explanation of why they’re sticking with the current team sizes, rather than an announcement that they are backtracking.

However, this is all just speculation for now, so we’ll have to wait for the next developer blog to know for sure.

Overwatch 2 Season 12 is the next major update, which is also set to bring the new Space Ranger Hero, so, there’s always the possibility that 6v6 matches will come back as either an LTM or a permanent change.

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