Overwatch 2 players demand buffs to “dead” Support Hero nerfed to the ground

Nathan Warby
Illari firing weapon in OW2

Blizzard have made plenty of changes to Overwatch 2’s Hero roster since the start of Season 9, but players think one character, in particular, “needs help” with another set of buffs.

Overwatch 2 Season 9 is in full swing and players are finally getting to grips with the many changes it introduced. The decision to add a healing passive to all Heros took some time to get used to, while the increase in projectile sizes was also a hot topic at launch.

In order to make these adjustments work, the devs also had to introduce some balancing changes to the various different characters. A ton of buffs and nerfs arrived alongside Season 9, before even more rolled out in the February 21 update.

However, despite being buffed in the last two patches, OW2 players are still desperate for one Support Hero to receive even more.

Reddit user ‘Neo_Raider’ shared a post with the caption “Ok, Illari needs HELP!” This was accompanied by a screenshot of her stats since Season 9 went live.

According to the image, the Support character has a pick rate of just 0.91% and a win rate 47.97% in Competitive matches on PC, indicating that much of the community has abandoned her in favor of stronger options.

Plenty of other players responded to the post, agreeing with the OP and demanding that Illari receives more improvements in the future.

“Dead hero. Which is a shame, because I played her like crazy when she first came out,” said one response, before another chimed in with: “She’s super cool in the design/animation department, they just need to pump her numbers up a bit and she’ll be great.”

While Illari did get a buff to her Healing Pylon in the OW2 February 21 update, fans felt that the devs “overnerfed” her after she first arrived back in Season 6, and are now struggling to make her relevant in the current meta.

“They need to address her niche. She’s a Support who’s supposed to have lethal DPS capability, but Bap, Kiri, Zen, and even Lucio outshine her in that lane [right now],” argued a third reply.

There are likely to be even more balancing changes released in future updates ahead of Overwatch 2 Season 10, so fans will no doubt be hoping for another wave of Illari buffs to make her more competitive.

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