Overwatch 2 players highlight classic OW 1 features they want back

Stephanie Zucarelli
Overwatch classic D.Va skin

Overwatch 2 fans debate which options they are most nostalgic for from classic Overwatch and share with the community why they think Blizzard should reconsider them.

Almost two years have passed since Overwatch 2‘s initial release, and players who discovered Blizzard’s FPS have always been nostalgic for some of the features that the classic game offered. Even if the new version promised to be free-to-play and bring some PvE mechanics, there are some details that all-time fans can’t shake.

Overwatch 2 fans gathered in a Reddit post to share which features they would like back, and even if most didn’t have much to say about the current meta, many pointed out missing some of the classic Overwatch social features, such as post-match voting cards.

“This is the big one for me. Not only did the end cards provide a nice positive moment at the end of a game to showcase the efforts of your team, but they also gave some breathing room for players to chat, celebrate, or commiserate their loss a bit before the next match, “explained Redditor ‘bluesky659,’ who also added that Overwatch 2 “kicks player too fast” from the lobby.

In the same line, a group of players pointed out that specialized endorsements were a good way to “reward” teammates. “I used to max them out every game, when I could specify Sportsmanship for someone who was just generally positive, Good Teammate for a support who saved my a*s, or Shot Caller for someone who makes a huge play or solo holds point in overtime,” described user ‘Ve-gone_Be-gone.’

Other players admitted missing little details as old hero intro lines that could be heard after picking a hero, 6v6 matches, and even the chance of getting free Heroes and cosmetics from Loot Boxes.

However, one of the biggest options that Overwatch 2 users admitted to missing was the “Group Finder,” even after Blizzard devs admitted having removed the option because of major toxic behavior.

“This is a HUGE one for me. My fiancé and I would start groups/join groups when our friends couldn’t play, and we honestly met some really cool gamer friends. We even went to Vegas with one that we met in a random group,” told Redditor ‘Missingjawbone.’

Overwatch 2 Season 8 has only a few days left before coming to an end. If you want to know more about Blizzard’s FPS, you can check everything you need to know about Overwatch 2 new Mastery Missions and what happened with the new Mercy Lunar New Year skin.

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