Fortnite players desperate for “amazing” healing item to return

Ezequiel Leis
Fortnite Summer event

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 is giving players a lot to talk about thanks to its vehicle meta and collabs, but players are missing a key healing item this season.

Fortnite brought many new elements to the battle royale experience with Chapter 5 Season 3. With a focus on vehicles, Nitro, and Fallout items, the meta shifted completely after the season that featured Greek gods.

However, as Season 3 added many new elements, players are still missing some key items in Chapter 5. With Slurp Cacti and Oasis Pools around Wasteland locations, players have many alternative healing methods, but they’re still missing the powerful Med-Mist.

Reddit user ‘nateandco’ asked the Fortnite community about the consumable they miss the most this season, and the Med-Mist was a top choice for most.

One user wrote, “Med mist should have been a permanent healing item.” To this, many players explained that Chapter 5 added the possibility to move while using healing items like de Medkit, so the Med-Mist could be “overshadowed” by other options.

Other Fortnite players mentioned you can run and slide while using the Med-Mist, which is a great improvement. Additionally, another user mentioned that “you could also heal your teammates with it,” and you don’t throw it away after one use, which is what happens with Medkits and Shield potions.

All this thinking made some players believe Epic Games are working on some tweaks to the Med-Mist before bringing it back for Chapter 5, as the item could be considered too overpowered compared to others.

Chapter 5 Season 3 also added the Nuka-Cola as a new healing item that not only restores Health but also up to 75 Shields. The OP commented: “I do like the Nuka Cola a lot, it’s my preferred heal this season,” and some players argued it could be the main reason for the Med-Mist not to be unvaulted.

It’s yet unknown if the Med-Mist will come back this season, but we’ll make sure to let you know if it happens. Many classic items get unvaulted near the end of the season, so the Med-Mist and Chug Splash could make a comeback later on.

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