Fortnite 30.10 update patch notes: Downtime, Metallica crossover & Tow Hook Cannon weapon

Nathan Warby
Metallica in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

The Fortnite 30.10 update has arrived, bringing with it a brand-new Metallica crossover and the Tow Hook Cannon weapon to help combat vehicles. Here are the patch notes of everything included in the update.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 is in full swing and players have been getting to grips with the new-look map and Fallout items. But, the devs are keeping the ball rolling with regular updates, the first of which, v30.10, is out now.

So, here are the full patch notes for the Fortnite 30.10 update.

Fortnite 30.10 update release date & downtime

The Fortnite 30.10 update went live on Thursday, June 13, 2024, as confirmed by the official Fortnite Status account on X. The developers, however, have not mentioned when the downtime begins yet.

Downtime began at 1 AM PT/ 4 AM ET / 9 AM BST and could last up to a few hours. During this period, you will be unable to access the game and search for a match.

Fortnite x Metallica crossover arrives in 30.10 update

Metallica Loot Island in Fortnite
The Metallica crossover makes its way to Festival and BR modes.

After plenty of teasing, Metallica finally make way to Fortnite in the 30.10 update. The metal pioneers are the headline act of Festival Season 4, coming with their own Festival Pass and skins of all four band members, James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo.

The collab brings a special Metallica concert titled “Fuel. Fire. Fury,” which will be available on June 22 and 23 at various points throughout the day, as well as the new Battle Stage PvP mode which will stick around after the season ends.

On top of all the Festival content, the band are also making their way over to the main BR modes. You can find unique Ride the Lightning guitars scattered all around the map, which spawns a bolt of lightning that you and your team can ride, before dropping to the floor to damage enemies.

These guitars will also be found on a new Metallica-themed Loot Island, which rifts in during a match. As always, it’s home to rare and valuable loot, but it also features a new stage where holograms of the band will be playing their songs.

Fortnite 30.10 update brings new Tow Hook Cannon weapon

The Fortnite 30.10 update introduces a new weapon called the Tow Hook. First spotted in a leaked trailer, the weapon launches a large three-pronged hook that damages players and attaches to vehicles.

Once attached, players can use the cars to drag them along, helping them traverse the map and offering a new way to counter the vehicles that have dominated the meta in Chapter 5 Season 3.

New LEGO Fortnite difficulties in v30.10 update

The Fortnite v30.10 update also adds new elements to LEGO Fortnite with the Cozy and Expert modes. According to the official blog post, “Cozy mode is a nice mix of Survival and Sandbox mode” where the default settings turn off features like hunger, temperature, and stamina so you don’t have to worry about them.

On the other hand, the new Expert mode features new Storm-Wild enemies that “deal more damage, have more Health, and move faster than regular enemies.” It’s worth noting that enemies in Cozy mode are easier to defeat, while those in Expert, even those that aren’t Storm-Wild creatures, will be way tougher.

LEGO Fortnite’s Expert mode also adds permadeath, meaning you won’t be able to return to the World you created if you’re killed. Players can craft a Totem of Return to respawn at their beds when eliminated, but the totem will destroy itself upon use.

The new totem requires new materials you can get by defeating Storm-Wild enemies, so keep that in mind. In addition, defeating Storm-Wild Brutes give you new trophies to showcase your courage in the game.

Those were the full patch notes for the Fortnite 30.10 update. But while you’re busy mastering all the new Jam Tracks in Festival, make sure you’re still ticking off Weekly Quests to level up the Battle Pass.

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