Fortnite’s Zeus skin could have shown off powerful new weapons & equipment

Amitesh Dhar
Fortnite Zeus

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is all about Greek mythology, and Zeus is confirmed to be one of the few skins in the new season. After spotting some details on the skin, players have been speculating the arrival of some new weapons and equipment.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is set to go live on March 8, and the developers have started revealing some of the skins that are coming in the new season.

Given that it’s based on Greek mythology, players weren’t surprised to see Zeus being introduced as a new skin in Fortnite, but they also spotted an interesting detail about the skin.

As pointed out on Reddit by ‘IRS_Agent-636’, the Zeus Fortnite skin seems to have tactical gear. This has caused other players to theorize what this tactical gear could be, fueling speculations of new items coming to the game in the new season.

Redditor ‘javaeclipse30’ replied to OP and said, “Maybe it’s clay containers of Greek Fire.” Another player replied to this comment and said, “Greek fire throwables/traps would actually be crazy.” ‘Z3R0_7274’ added, “Give him shield EMPs on his hip then.”

There were a few players, however, who didn’t like what the Fortnite Zeus skin was suggesting because according to them, Zeus was a god, and did not require tactical gear. Player ‘KangtheKing_’ commented, “I would much rather (see) an actual Greek robe and none of this gear on his skin tbh; he’s a god, why does he need this stuff.”

Others responded to this comment with the argument that giving the Fortnite Zeus skin tactical gear would put the character more in touch with the lore of the game.

‘RexGoliath75’ replied, “He clearly still has his lightning bolt. Him having tactical gear is just a way to make him fit the rest of the game, like when Percy Jackson put their gods in casual clothes.”

Another player pointed out that they would love it if the Fortnite Zeus skin and the rest of the Battle Pass skins had two styles in Chapter 5 Season 2; one with a more traditional approach and another with all the gears.

Although clear images of the skins haven’t been released yet, the silhouettes are enough to let players speculate about what to expect from these Battle Pass skins in the new season.

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