GTA 6 leaks hint at first child character in franchise history

Souhardya Choudhury
GTA 6 motorboat

If the sudden announcement of an upcoming GTA 6 trailer by Rockstar wasn’t enough for fans, new leaks have arrived suggesting the addition of the first-ever child character in the GTA franchise.

Spoilers ahead.

GTA 6 is regarded as one of the most highly-anticipated video games of all time, as players have waited for more than 10 years for its arrival. Now that Rockstar have finally confirmed that a trailer will drop in December, fans are more hyped than ever about the game’s release.

However, dedicated fans have not stopped researching more about GTA 6 as several new leaks have revealed some key details. Surprisingly, if the game remains true to the leaks, players might be seeing the first child character in the history of the franchise.

According to major GTA 6 leaks that arrived last year, many sources confirmed that Lucia could be the first female protagonist in Grand Theft Auto’s history. The game is expected to feature a major chunk of Lucia’s personal life, and now leaks have also confirmed that could have a child in the game.

The child will reportedly only feature in a few cutscenes in the game and will have some relevance in the game’s storyline. The leaks were uploaded on Rockstar Universe’s homepage and have several new details about the child in GTA 6.

The leaks start by saying “It’s rumored by an internal source that Lucia has a child who appears in the game’s storyline.” Keep in mind that Grand Theft Auto never included children in the game and this would be a first if it happens in Rockstar’s history.

“Lucia’s child is believed to be much younger and only appears in cutscenes, similar to how Jack Marston was in Read Dead Redemption 1 & 2,” the leaks explained. Jack Marston was the only child in RDR 2 and it was a part of the gameplay, especially during an in-game mission where Arthur took him fishing.

However, Lucia’s child will reportedly be left out of gameplay, unlike Jack Marston. Although there have been several other leaks hinting towards her child, keep in mind that they are all rumors as nothing has been confirmed by Rockstar as of writing.

Once the trailer is out in December, we will likely get more insight into the topic and will be able to update you with further news.

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