GTA 6 leak reveals major weapon change from Red Dead Redemption 2

Rajarshi Acharya
valentine's day massacre special update for gta online

According to a new GTA 6 leak, the game’s weapon mechanics will be similar to Red Dead Redemption 2 and Alan Wake 2 in that you can only carry a limited number of weapons.

There hasn’t been any official GTA 6 news from Rockstar since the official announcement. However, some insiders and leakers have come forward to share information about the upcoming game from time to time. Apart from the massive 2022 leaks, most of these have been speculative, with some even being proved fake.

However, with 2023 coming to an end, there has never been more anticipation for an announcement. This is most likely because some insiders anticipate an announcement before the end of the year. Another reason is that Rockstar’s 25th anniversary is coming up in December.

Now, a new leak explains how Rockstar will revamp the weapons system in GTA 6, and it’s apparently similar to RDR2 and Alan Wake 2. This means you won’t be carrying an entire arsenal in your pocket anymore. The news was shared by Rockstar Intel and Rockstar Universe, two popular news platforms for GTA-related information.

Just like in RDR2, you’ll be carrying all weapons on your person. This means your carrying capacity will be severely limited. However, you can apparently bring more weapons in “the boot/trunk of your car or carry a duffel bag.”

This was predicted in an earlier leak as well, which claimed that Rockstar Games are looking to make the upcoming game more realistic. GTA 5, the current game in the series, allows you to carry every single weapon at the same time, which many players call “overkill.”

This made weapons management quite tedious, particularly in GTA Online, which has several additional weapons, including futuristic ones. Previous games in the series, on the other hand, only allowed you to carry one weapon of each type.

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