GTA 6’s leaked age rating is fake with no launch date in sight

Joaquín Frere
GTA V Trevor

To almost nobody’s surprise, the Australian Classification Board confirmed that the rumors about a potential Grand Theft Auto 6 age listing are fake. Rockstar remained silent and the release date is still a mystery to fans.

Rockstar fans are always eager to hear some GTA 6 news, especially with the developer being rather enigmatic about when they are going to show more about the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series.

After the leaks in 2022, and new gameplay leaks surfacing in June 2023 as well, fans speculated on a possible release date after an age listing appearing on the Australian Classification Board. Fans were quick to speculate and took this as a possibility of seeing a potential release date for Grand Theft Auto V’s sequel.

However, the board confirmed in an official statement to PCGamesN that the age rating that appeared is fake and that there’s no launch date news or anything prepared from Rockstars’s side.

The Reddit user M337ING took the PCGamesN official news to the PS5’s official Reddit page, and users quickly started commenting on the matter. Fake rumors surrounding GTA 6 have been quickly spreading, with players desperate for any news while Rockstar remains silent.

“The classification record for Grand Theft Auto 6 that previously appeared on the National Classification Database was unfortunately erroneous,” the Australian Classification Board confirmed to PCGamesN, adding that the GTA 6 entry “has now been removed from the Classification website.”

This means that we still don’t have any news on a potential release date for Rockstar’s upcoming open-world sequel to Grand Theft Auto V. Remember that more rumors state that the game could include more than one city, with Vice City potentially being one of them.

We’ll update you on more GTA 6 news as soon as official sources confirm it.

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