GTA 6 leak claims long-requested feature finally arrives

Souhardya Choudhury
GTA 6 leaks

An enormous leak regarding the highly anticipated GTA 6 has surfaced on the internet as it could potentially change the entire structure of the upcoming game and make the open world better than ever.

GTA 6 is arguably the most anticipated game of all time. As Rockstar celebrated the 10-year anniversary of GTA 5 on September 17, fans were requesting updates regarding the upcoming game. After reaching almost 175 million sales for GTA 5, the upcoming edition of Grand Theft Auto looks to be highly promising.

After the previous mishap of early-game footage going viral, fans have been busy searching for clues regarding GTA 6. However, fans have put together a large document, compiling all the details from the various leaks spread across the internet. This has revealed some significant details about the world, which is expected to be a modern-day Vice City.

GTA 6 document teases major details for new title

Although the GTA 6 document is massive and contains a large amount of details and leaks, it claims that the game will have more accessible buildings than ever. There were a series of non-accessible buildings in the previous Grand Theft Auto, but this time it seems different as the devs expand the open world.

According to the document, “A big feature of GTA VI will be the number of enterable buildings on offer.” Of course, there are only a small number of buildings shown in the leaks. However, that gives a vivid idea of how the open world of GTA VI could be compared to the previous games.

Aside from the customary Grand Theft Auto buildings such as clubs, restaurants, and barber shops, the upcoming title will also have pawn shops, supermarkets, and apartments, according to the document.

Some more exciting news follows as some of the buildings will be very much involved in a returning feature, robbery. Robbing and theft are expected to be a major focus with better police AI in GTA 6.

Regarding new buildings and robberies, the document reads, “This will directly link with theft and robbery, some of the main elements of the game’s core gameplay.”

It is still not known when Rockstar will announce an official release date for the highly anticipated GTA 6. Until then, these leaks seem to be the best source of information available right now in the community regarding the upcoming Grand Theft Auto.

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