GTA 6 leaker shares heartbreaking development update amid reveal rumors

Nathan Warby
GTA character with baseball bat

While rumors that GTA 6 will finally be revealed swirling online, a trusted Grand Theft Auto leaker has shared an update on the PC version of the long-awaited game.

GTA 6 is arguably the most anticipated game currently in development, with fans desperate for any slither of information on Rockstar’s new title. The devs have confirmed that work is underway and the internet has been alive with rumors that an official reveal could happen soon.

A major leak back in 2022 showed fans some early GTA 6 footage, seemingly confirming the Vice City setting and multiple playable characters. While Rockstar have since said that the development wasn’t affected by the breach, a known leaker has claimed that the PC version has been delayed.

Trusted GTA 6 leaker claims PC versions has been delayed

Grand Theft Auto games typically arrive on consoles only at launch, before hitting PC years later. But the feeling among many insiders was that the devs were aiming to release the PC port of the game alongside or very close to the console versions.

However, in a GTA Forums post, Tez2 has claimed that PC players might have to wait even longer for GTA 6.

vice city in gta definitive edition
GTA 6 is expected to take place in Vice City.

“I’ve heard from various sources that the devs expect VI PC release to happen after citing more time needed,” said the leaker. “A year ago, I would’ve been as optimistic as you in regards to a day one release. But hopefully, it’s a delay of a few months.”

Tez2 mentioned that “technical reasons” are behind the delay, as the devs want to avoid the troubled launch seen with other AAA titles.

“Internally, the PC version is more buggy than the console versions,” they continued. “Rockstar wouldn’t want to end up with a “Star Wars Jedi Survivor” or “the Last of Us Part 1″ PC situation for the most anticipated game.”

So, with rumors circulating that GTA 6 could arrive sometime in 2024, it appears that PC fans could be looking at closer to 2025 at the earliest. That being said, this is all based on leaks for now, so take it with a pinch of salt until Rockstar make an announcement.

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