Trusted GTA 6 leaker predicts 2025 release date with reveal expected soon

Rajarshi Acharya
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A popular Grand Theft Auto leaker has revealed that GTA 6 might not be releasing before 2025. He also predicted the announcement date and shared some details about Rockstar’s 25th Anniversary celebrations.

October has come and gone without any GTA 6 news from Rockstar, but that hasn’t deterred fans from holding onto hope. Now, although there’s no information on an announcement, a recent post by a popular insider sheds light on a possible release date.

After a fan questioned whether 2024 was still the deadline for GTA 6, well-known Rockstar insider ‘Tez2’ made a post on GTAForums regarding the anticipated release date. Rockstar Games hope to release the game in the spring of 2025, according to the reliable insider.

In addition, he also revealed some more details about when you can expect an official announcement. Tez2 stated that 2024 wasn’t a deadline, but “an estimated release window.” He added that “several devs” now expect the release window to be in 2025.

Tez2 added on his GTAForums post that Rockstar Games apparently expect to release it around Spring 2025. However, based on previous releases such as GTA 5 and RDR2, he hinted at a possible delay until Fall 2025. He also predicted a GTA 6 announcement sometime between late November and early December, coinciding with Rockstar’s anniversary celebration.

If that doesn’t happen, he says the announcement will be coming in February. Earlier, another popular insider, Tom Henderson, had also predicted that the game won’t release before 2025. Tez2 is known for predicting Grand Theft Auto Online and other Rockstar Games titles over the years, and his predictions have been quite accurate.

Ever since GTA 4, Rockstar have been releasing their major titles a year or two after announcing them. If Tez2’s prediction of a late 2023 or early 2024 announcement comes true, a 2025 release date would be very likely. Rockstar will also be celebrating their 25th anniversary in December 2023, so fans are expecting some big news by the end of the year.

According to Tez2, Rockstar can also add more in-game content to Grand Theft Auto Online and possibly reveal what’s next for the series. “I expect GTAO Heist Month to be more V themed. And for Rockstar to offer us the rest of GTAV anniversary clothing during this month,” he said. “Focusing on V and concluding with Rockstar’s anniversary and a chance of talking about what’s next.”

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