Best weapons in Gray Zone Warfare: Meta guns ranked

Lucas Simons
M4A1 Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare has a massive arsenal of fully customizable weapons. Here’s a list of the best weapons in GZW, including Snipers, SMGs, Assault Rifles, and more.

Gray Zone Warfare is a tactical realistic shooter that will test your survival skills to the maximum. To succeed in this game, you’ll need the best weapons to defend yourself from the perils of Lamang Island.

So, here are the best weapons in Gray Zone Warfare along with a list of the best guns ranked.

Best Gray Zone Warfare weapons ranked

The best Gray Zone Warfare weapons ranked below are part of the current meta, and are ranked from top to bottom due to their ease of use, power, or availability.

  1. M4A1
  2. AK-47
  3. Mosin 700 Sniper Rifle
  4. Sa vz. 61 Skorpion
  5. Remington Model 870
  6. AK-74M
  7. Mosin
  8. SKS
  9. CQ A1
  10. Mossberg 590

5. Remington Model 870 – Best Shotgun in Gray Zone Warfare

M870 Shotgun Gray Zone Warfare
The M870 will make quick work of any enemy at short range.
  • Weapon type: Pump Shotgun
  • RPM: 300 rpm
  • Recoil pattern: Vertical – Heavy
  • Weight: 3.6 kg (8.0 lb)/loaded, with basic attachments.

The Remington Model 870 shotgun is a classic weapon in Gray Zone Warfare and the best close-range gun you can find.

You can purchase it from Gunny and even customize it to turn it into a sawed-off version. But since several low-tier enemies drop fully customized versions of this powerful shotgun, you won’t have to be worried about finding better attachments until later on.

This weapon is a favorite of players who like to take things close and personal. However, the recoil is a little hard to control, and ammo is also a problem. You should also consider that this weapon weighs way more than others.

4. Sa vz. 61 Skorpion – Best sidearm/SMG in Gray Zone Warfare

Sa vz. 61 Skorpion Gray Zone Warfare
The Sa vz. 61 Skorpion’s handle can be detached to turn it into a powerful handgun.
  • Weapon type: SMG/Full Auto
  • RPM: 870 rpm
  • Recoil pattern: Horizontal – Moderate
  • Weight: 1.3 kg (2.9 lb) with full mag/basic attachments.

The Sa vz. 61 Skorpion is a fast and reliable SMG in Gray Zone Warfare. You can use it as a sidearm without attachments or a main weapon with all its equipment. Deadly at close and mid-range, this gun has heavy recoil and bullet spread, but if you learn how to master it, it has many strong points.

However, you will have to unlock Artisan level 2 before you can customize this weapon into a powerful sidearm since you need tier 2 attachments and handguards to convert it to a smaller size.

It’s versatile, weighs little, and has an ammo slot size equal to a handgun even if you use it as a main weapon. This means more cartridges and recharges before you run out of ammo and need to restock. Most enemies carry this weapon, so you won’t run out of it or its ammo anytime soon.

3. Mosin M700 – Best Sniper Rifle in Gray Zone Warfare

M 700 Sniper Rifle
The M 700 Sniper Rifle can easily take down heavy armored players or NPCs with one shot.
  • Weapon type: Bolt Action Rifle
  • RPM: 20 rpm
  • Recoil pattern: Vertical – Moderate
  • Weight: 6.6 kg (14.5 lb) /loaded, with full attachments.

The Mosin M 700 is the best Sniper Rifle you can unlock in Gray Zone Warfare. Its reliability and predictable bullet path make it one of the favorites of Sniper players.

The M700 is a force to be reckoned with and if you use it to safely take down PvE enemies from a distance or players, it’s a guaranteed one-shot kill. Equipped with the 762-SD Suppressor, and the M700 Viper 5×32 Recon Sight, they’ll never see you coming.

You’ll need to unlock the vendor Banshee to get your hands on it and this is done by completing Invaders from Afar, a considerably difficult mission.

2. AK-47

AK-47 Gray Zone Warfare
The AK-47 is deadly at any range but requires skill to use it properly.
  • Weapon type: Auto Rifle / Single-Auto
  • RPM: 600 rpm
  • Recoil pattern: Vertical – Moderate
  • Weight: 4.78 kg (10.5 lb) with full mag/basic attachments.

The AK-47 is one of the best weapons in Gray Zone Warfare, and you can find it almost anywhere on the map, as most PvE enemies carry it with them. Deadly at close, mid, and long-range, this Rifle is known for its reliability, and also for its piercing capability.

Two shots to the body or one to the head (helmet or not) usually do the job. On the plus side, ammunition can be found almost everywhere, so you’ll never run out of it. On the downside, it is noisy and unreliable against certain enemies who have heavy body armor.

Equip it with a PBS-01 Suppressor that you can buy from Artisan at level 1, and an Acog TA01NSN Assault Scope you can find in Gunny’s store.

1. M4A1 – Best weapon in Gray Zone Warfare

M4A1 Gray Zone Warfare
The M4A1 is your best option for a starter weapon if you’re looking for lethality and precision.
  • Weapon type: Auto Rifle/Single-Auto
  • RPM: 800 rpm
  • Recoil pattern: Vertical – Moderate
  • Weight: 3.51 kg (7.74 lb) with full mag/basic attachments.

The M4A1 is a classic auto-rifle that excels in versatility and is a great jack-of-all-trades option for beginner players in Gray Zone Warfare. It allows for several attachments that include carriers, crosshairs for short to mid-long range, bayonets, and more.

It has a decent recoil pattern, decent projectile fall, and is overall deadly in the hands of a seasoned player. So, if you master this weapon, you probably won’t need any other to survive Lamang Island. Equipped with the Acog TA01NSN Assault Scope and the ARC 1 Suppressor you can from Gunny at level 2, you’ll be unstoppable for most parts of the PVE sections of the game.

In the late game, the various attachments you unlock with Gunny from Level 3 and forward will turn this weapon into a tremendously powerful rifle that allows for long-distance takedowns.

That’s all you need to know about the best weapons in Gray Zone Warfare. For more information about this tactical extraction shooter, you can also browse our other guides:

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