How to complete Paparazzi task in Gray Zone Warfare: File & Interrogation room location

Souhardya Choudhury
Gray Zone Warfare stealth gameplay

In Gray Zone Warfare’s Paparazzi task, given to you by Handshake, you’ll have to go out into the enemy territory and look for Richard S. Parker. So here’s how to complete it in Gray Zone Warfare.

Handshake’s tasks in Gray Zone Warfare mostly deal with gathering intel and retrieving important files to fight against the hostiles. However, in the Paparazzi task, you’ll have to look for a person named Richard S. Parker and any information lying around about him.

On that note, here’s how to complete the Paparazzi task in Gray Zone Warfare.

Gray Zone Warfare: How to complete Paparazzi task

You can complete Paparazzi in Gray Zone Warfare by simply heading over to the Supply Room at Midnight Sapphire Hotel, getting the document on Richard S. Parker, and then making your way to the interrogation room in Lakeside Villa.

Once you are done, head back to Handshake and hand over the file to complete the task in GZW. However, this area requires you to kill a massive number of mobs to get the key needed to open the Supply Room.

Where to find Richard S. Parker’s file in Gray Zone Warfare

Midnight Sapphire Hotel in Gray Zone Warfare
Make your way through the hotel by killing every enemy in sight.

To find the file on Richard S. Parker in Gray Zone Warfare, head over through the small door beside the reception in Midnight Sapphire Hotel and make your way through the first room on the right. There you’ll find a door that needs to be unlocked with the MS Supply key.

Unfortunately, there’s no definite way of getting the key so you’ll have to go through each and every enemy here and hope for the best.

Where to find the Interrogation room in Gray Zone Warfare

Interrogation room location Gray Zone Warfare
You can find the Interrogation Room right beside the Lakeside Villa.

Moving on to the second portion of the Paparazzi task in Gray Zone Warfare, you’ll have to head over to the interrogation room in Lakeside Villa, specifically in coordinates 171, 169, into a building called Hotel Facilities.

Now simply make your way in through the main entrance and take a hard right until you reach the bloodied room at the end. Once you are there, your task will be completed in GZW.

Then head over to the base camp and hand over your findings to Handshake to complete the quest for good.

Paparazzi rewards in Gray Zone Warfare

Here are the rewards for completing Paparazzi in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • 1x M4A1
  • $7400
  • 2000 XP
  • 200 Reputation with Handshake

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