Sea of Thieves Season 12: Release date, new weapons, tools, more

Aakash Regmi
Pirate using a throwing knife in Sea of Thieves

Season 12 of Sea of Thieves is right around the shores, and if you’re wondering what it has in store, here’s all you need to know. 

Six years in and Rare’s Sea of Thieves is still making waves. This time more hearties from PlayStation 5 will be tagging along, and just as they’re about to go on account, a new season awaits in Season 12.

Here is everything the twelfth season will bring to Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves Season 12 release date

Sea of Thieves Season 12 will be released on April 30, 2024, just as the game is released on PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 Premium Edition players get 5 days of early access, which means they’ll weigh anchor before the season goes live.

Sea of Thieves Season 12 new weapons 

Here are the two new weapons that will be introduced with Sea of Thieves Season 12:

  • Double-Barrel Flintlock Pistol: A pistol that can fire two individual shots before you need to reload. You can also charge it to release both at the same time. This weapon has less range and damage than the standard pistol, but has higher DPS.
  • Throwing Knives: The new melee weapon can be used as a stabbing knife for close-range combat or to sneakily jump enemies to maximize damage. As the name suggests, these can be thrown at a distance and can be picked up by any player who finds it.

Sea of Thieves Season 12 new tools

Sea of Thieves Season 12 is confirmed to add several new tools to the game, so here is the list of everything that will be added:

  • Scattershot: A new type of cannonball that breaks into four when fired, dealing a wider reach of multiple small impacts. It can be found amongst storage barrels.
  • Bone Caller: A new throwable (that can be used in cannons as well) that spawns three skeletons that’ll temporarily aid you in battle. These will be dropped after defeating Skeleton Fleets and in the barrels dotted around Skeleton Forts.
  • The Horn of Fair Winds: A new treasure artifact that can summon wind, which can be used to blow air into sails, propel players through the water, blast rivals out of the way, cushion falls from heights, and turn rowboats into a wind-powered speedboat.

Besides these tools, there will be two neat QoL additions:

  • Ziplines: New ziplines will be added across the map.
  • Harpoon line travel: Players can now walk in the harpoon lines created, keeping their balance to avoid falling off.

Sea of Thieves Season 12 new skins

Sea of Thieves Season 12 will also introduce 100 levels of rewards and a couple of new collections of cosmetics available through the Pirate Emporium. Here’s what’s been revealed so far:

  • Famous Pirate clothing and accessories.
  • Famed Buccaneer flag and sails.
  • Famed Buccaneer scar, tattoo & makeup.
  • Checkmate Ship Collection
  • Checkmate Weapon Bundle.
  • Checkmate Clothing Collection.
  • Scrappy Weapon Pose emote
  • Greymarrow’s boots.
  • Wild Rose Music Box.
  • Gorgon Ship Set (Only available through Plunder Pass).

That’s everything revealed about Season 12 of Sea of Thieves. We’ll update this article once more is revealed. Until then, for more on the game as well as similar pirate adventures, check out: 

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