Skull and Bones: Best Silver farming method

Aakash Regmi
Gold figurehead in a ship in Skull and Bones

Silver is your everything currency in Skull and Bones, so if you are wondering what the best method to farm them is, here is how to quickly earn Silver in Skull and Bones. 

Skull and Bones takes place in the sprawling Indian Ocean, where there is a lot to plunder. But the moment you reach the endgame, you’ll also have to start your business empire by establishing manufactories. 

Of course, as with anything else, funding your manufactories in Skull and Bones for steady wealth will require a boatload of investment in Silver. If the currency is starting to trickle out, and you’re wondering what’s the best method to farm them, here is all you need to know. 

A captain dodging his ship from cannons in Skull and Bones
Everything you do in Skull and Bones will net you Silver.

Skull and Bones: How to farm Silver fast

One of the better ways to earn Silver in Skull and Bones is by selling commodities to vendors. Not just any vendors, but the places where there is a high demand for the said materials

One thing you’ll find doing most in Skull and Bones is sinking ships, and every time you sink, you’ll get some amount of Silver as well as resources. Some of these resources can only be sold and have no other use, so you can look for vendors to get Silver in exchange.

Doing pretty much everything in Skull and Bones will reward Silver—from Contracts, plundering settlements to destroying enemy ships. However, it’s highly recommended to check out for trade routes and destroy all the ships, as they’ll give you a good amount of both Silver and resources.

That’s everything you need to know about earning Silver in Skull and Bones, for more on the game, check out:

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