How to complete Bunny’s questline in The First Descendant

Emily Stander
Bunny in The First Descendant

Certain characters in The First Descendant have unique quests that you can complete, and Bunny is one of the earliest ones with Follow Their Traces. 

When you get it, you’re tasked with finding secret records hidden in different areas across the map. So, here’s how to unlock and complete the quest, and what rewards you’ll get for finishing it. 

How to unlock Follow Their Traces

Follow Their Traces can be found in Albion when you equip Bunny for the first time in The First Descendant. 

Bunny is the second character you unlock naturally, so you must complete the first few steps of the main mission in Kingston and your first Void Intercept Battle to unlock her. Subsequently, you’ll then get Bunny’s Follow Their Traces quest.

How to complete Follow Their Traces

To complete Follow Their Traces in The First Descendant, you need to find Bunny’s Records in the Sterile Lands and listen to the audio log.

You won’t have access to the area where you find them immediately, and you’ll need to play through the main quest until you reach the Successful Infiltration mission for Sharen to get to where you need to find the records.

Once you’ve unlocked the area, you can find the Emergency Communication Record – Agent Cayden Voltia sitting on a rock south of the spawn point in the Restricted Area of the Sterile Lands.

Bunny looking over a cliff in The First Descendant
The record is hugging the cliffside wall.

Keep in mind that you need to have Bunny equipped to do this mission, and it will be completed as soon as you listen to the audio log in your inventory. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Open your menu and go to your Journal.
  2. Select Records.
  3. Under Descendant, you’ll find the record you just picked up highlighted by a red marker.
  4. Click on it and listen to learn more about Bunny’s parents and her past.
  5. Once you’ve read the record, you’ll unlock the next stage of Bunny’s questline.

The Traces Continue record location

To complete The Traces Continue in The First Descendant, you need to find the next record in the Ruins in Vesper.

The Traces Continue record in The First Descendant
You can find the record at the top of a ruin near the Void Reactor.

Like the Sterile Lands, you’ll only have access to this area once you’ve completed the main questline. It’s the next area you unlock, though, so you shouldn’t have to play much more to access it.

The record in The Traces Continue can be found just next to the Void Reactor in the Ruins of Vesper. It’s on the top of a tall Ruin just next to the Reactor. As with the last, listen to the audio log, and you’ll unlock the next step in the quest.

In Search for the Relic record location

You can find the record for the next quest step, In Search for the Relic, in the Echo Swamp in The First Descendant.

In search for the relic record in The First Descendant
You can find the next record at the top of the treehouse in Echo Swamp.

As with the other records, this one can be found on a high place in Derelict Covert, near the border of the region. Fast travel to the Derelict Covert and run past the crane until you see some platforms that act as elevators to the top of the Treehouse.

Use these elevators until you get to the very top to find the third record. Open your Journal to listen to it, and you’ll be given the next step in Bunny’s questline.

How to find Data Chip Fragments

Once you’ve collected the record in Echo Swamp, you’ll be sent back to Anais in Albion, and she will ask you to collect Data Chip Fragments. You must clear the Void Fusion Reactor in Vermillion Waste of Agna Desert to do so in The First Descendant.

To activate the Void Fusion Reactor, you need to destroy Void Fragments vulnerable to Fire damage, so make sure you use Descendants like Lepic or Blair to get it done as quickly as possible.

Once you have enough Fragments, activate the Fusion Reactor and be ready to fight Elite enemies. After you’ve won the fight, you’ll get a Reconstructed Device that you can open Amorphous Materials with and unlock the next stage of the questline.

How to complete Security Bypass Tool

The next stage of Bunny’s quest in The First Descendant asks you to Secure the Bypass Tool in the White Gulch.

You need to progress the main quest until you reach the Shipment Base region of White Gulch and clear the Vulgus Strategic Outpost. Here’s how to do it:

  • Destroy four devices within the base before the timer runs out.
  • Disable three Surveillance Towers around the Shipment Base Vulgus Outpost to make mob spawns less frequent.

Once you’re done, head back to Anais in Albion to get the next part of Bunny’s questline.

How to complete Communications Tracking Component

To complete the Communications Tracking Component stage of Bunny’s questline in The First Descendant, you need to defeat the Pyromaniac boss. You can either launch this mission from the map or by talking to Seneca.

Bunny shooting Pyromaniac boss in The Fist Descendant
You need to defeat the Pyromaniac as Bunny to progress her quest.

Bunny’s questline does not unlock this boss, so be sure that you’ve reached the Karel’s Trap in the main quest before you look for the Pyromaniac. In order to make progress in Bunny’s quest, though, you must take on this boss with her as your Descendant. Here are some tips to defeat the Pyromaniac:

  • Make sure you’ve optimized your Bunny build.
  • Prioritize HP, DEF, and Heat Resistance stats.
  • Pyromaniac has 90% resistance to weapon damage, but no resistance to Descendant skill damage, so it’s best to use your skills against him as much as you can.

Once you’ve defeated Pyromaniac, you need to return to Anais in Albion one more time to get the final step of Bunny’s questline.

How to complete Bunny, our Beloved Daughter

The final part of Bunny’s quest in The First Descendant will take you to an abandoned Magister’s Lab after speaking to Anais.

The mission is similar to any other Infiltration Operation, and you’ll face the Shrieking Verves boss at the end. It’s not as tough as the Pyromaniac boss, though, so you should be just fine with the right loadout.

After you’ve defeated the Shrieking Verves, head back to Anais in Albion one last time to learn about Bunny’s parents and end the questline.

Bunny’s quest takes you through a lot of the main quest and tough fights, so make sure you’ve leveled up your weapons and know how to level up your mastery before you embark on it. Otherwise, be sure to check out how to get Amorphous Material and a Crystallization Catalyst.