All rewards in The First Descendant Pre-Season Battle Pass

Nathan Warby
Ajax in The First Descendant

The First Descendant has finally arrived and the Pre-Season period comes with a Battle Pass packed full of rewards to unlock.

Although the game’s many characters like Lepic and Bunny need to be unlocked through research or completing missions, this seasonal progression system features plenty of weapons, skins, and other cosmetics.

Here’s everything you need to know about The First Descendant Pre-Season Battle Pass, including all the rewards, how much it costs, and how long it’s live for.


1Sigvore’s ProofLauncherPremium
2Precision Phase ExchangerEnhancement MaterialFree
3Descendant EXP Gain +30% (One day)Functional ItemPremium
5Reconnaissance Contribution BadgeName CardPremium
6Clear PinkCommon PaintFree
725x CaliberCurrencyPremium
8Play CongasEmotePremium
930x Bonus CoinCurrencyPremium
10GladiatorWeapon Skin (Gangster)Free
11Gold Gain +30% (One day)Functional ItemPremium
12Delivery TrackerWeapon Skin (Recipient Unknown)Premium
13Alternative WhiteCommon PaintFree
14Precision Phase ExchangerEnhancement MaterialPremium
1525x CaliberCurrencyPremium
16Sigvore’s ProofWeapon (Launcher)Free
17Precision Phase ExchangerEnhancement MaterialPremium
18Weapon Proficiency EXP Gain +30% (One day)Functional ItemPremium
20Fine Adjustment Control AxisEnhancement MaterialPremium
21Bunny-Ears StrapChest AttachmentFree
22Metal Matte GoldCommon PaintPremium
2325x CaliberCurrencyPremium
24Run, HamsterBack AttachmentPremium
2530x Bonus CoinCurrencyPremium
26Kuiper Shard Gain +30% (One day)Functional ItemPremium
27Black SwanWeapon Skin (Cygnus)Free
29Precise Ion AcceleratorEnhancement MaterialFree
30Matte Dark GrayCommon PaintPremium
3125x CaliberCurrencyPremium
32Advanced Material EngineeringGrappling HookPremium
33Keep AwayWeapon Skin (Tamed Beast)Premium
34Descendant EXP Gain +30% (One day)Functional ItemPremium
35Precision Phase ExchangerEnhancement MaterialPremium
36Blue EyesWeapon Skin (Red Eye)Free
37Flex Those MusclesEmotePremium
38Matte Grassy GreenCommon PaintPremium
3925x CaliberCurrencyPremium
40Sigvore’s ProofWeapon (Launcher)Free
4130x Bonus CoinCurrencyPremium
42Gold Gain +30% (One day)Functional ItemPremium
43Precise Ion AcceleratorEnhancement MaterialFree
44Extinction EraWeapon Skin (The Age of Innovation)Premium
45Fine Adjustment Control AxisEnhancement MaterialFree
46Matte Light BlackCommon PaintPremium
4725x CaliberCurrencyPremium
48Bio ScanEcivePremium
49OasisWeapon Skin (Blue Blood Bloomer)Premium
50Weapon Proficiency EXP Gain +30% (One day)Functional ItemPremium
51Precise Ion AccelatorEnhancement MaterialFree
52Fine Adjustment Control AxisEnhancement MaterialPremium
53Here We Go AgainSprayFree
54Plastic Cobalt BlueCommon PaintPremium
5525x CaliberCurrencyPremium
56Brave SquirrelChest AttachmentPremium
5730x Bonus CoinCurrencyPremium
58Kuiper Shard Gain +30% (One day)Functional ItemPremium
59Matte GrayCommon PaintPremium
60Precision Phase ExchangerEnhancement MaterialFree
61Fine Adjustment Control AxisEnhancement MaterialPremium
62Shard WelderWeapon Skin (Moon Fragment)Premium
6325x CaliberCurrencyPremium
64Sigvore’s ProofWeapon (Launcher)Free
6530x Bonus CoinCurrencyPremium
66Descendant EXP Gain +30% (One day)Functional ItemPremium
67Fine Adjustment Control AxisEnhancement MaterialFree
68Precise Ion AccelatorEnhancement MaterialPremium
69Seasoned ExplorerWeapon Skin (Explorer’s Path)Free
70Leather Matte YellowCommon PaintPremium
7125x CaliberCurrencyPremium
72Red CardEmotePremium
7330x Bonus CoinCurrencyPremium
74Gold Gain +30% (One day)Functional ItemPremium
75Plastic White PistachioCommon PaintPremium
76Ingr CookieSprayFree
77Precise Ion AccelatorEnhancement MaterialPremium
78ColoredUI ThemePremium
7925x CaliberCurrencyPremium
80Roaring CaligoWeapon Skin (Caligo’s Horn)Premium
8130x Bonus CoinCurrencyPremium
82Weapon Proficiency EXP Gain +30% (One day)Functional ItemPremium
83Precision Phase ExchangerEnhancement MaterialPremium
84Bloodstained FangWeapon Skin (Hungry Hound)Free
86Matte VioletCommon PaintPremium
8725x CaliberCurrencyPremium
88Sigvore’s ProofWeapon (Launcher)Premium
8930x Bonus CoinCurrencyPremium
90Kuiper Shard Gain +30% (One day)Functional ItemPremium
91Shiny Metal RedCommon PaintPremium
92Finger FramingEmoteFree
93DynamiteChest AttachmentPremium
94Precision Phase ExchangerEnhancement MaterialPremium
9525x CaliberCurrencyPremium
96Complete VerificationWeapon Skin (Sigvore’s Proof)Premium

There are 96 levels to work through on the Pre-Season Battle Pass, each of which grants a different reward. Most of these can only be earned by purchasing the Premium version, but there are still 23 free tiers for those who don’t want to buy it.


Screenshot of The First Descendant Battle Pass prices
There are two different Premium versions to choose from.

The Premium version of The First Descendant’s Battle Pass costs 500 Caliber, which will set you back $9.99/£7.99 as you’ll need to buy the bundle that comes with 520. This will leave you with 20 Caliber to put towards the next Battle Pass, or another in-game purchase.

There is also the option to get the Premium Upgrade with 25 level skips for 1,500 Caliber. The cheapest way to do this is by purchasing 1060 Caliber and then another 520 Caliber, which cost $19.99/£15.99 and $9.99/£7.99 respectively.

It’s worth keeping in mind there has been a Caliber bug in the game since launch which has delayed players getting their currency after making the purchase, so keep that in mind if you’re looking to upgrade.

Of course, there are also plenty of free rewards on offer, so you can still earn a handful of items even without buying the Premium version.

End date

You have until Thursday, August 29, 2024, to complete The First Descendant Pre-Season Battle Pass. This works out at around 58 days after it went live on Tuesday, July 2.

Once we hit this date, there will be a week-long gap before Season 1 gets underway, which will bring a new Battle Pass alongside a ton of other content.

All that’s left to do is hop into the action and begin your fight against the alien threat. Make sure you’re picking the best starter character, as well as up to scratch on the Mastery and World difficulty systems.