How to get Amorphous Material in The First Descendant

Stephanie Zucarelli
The First Descendant team

The First Descendant will challenge you to unlock your favorite characters and craft incredible new weapons that can help out in the fight against the Colossus. To do so, you’ll need to find Amorphous Materials, a crucial item that’s hidden across the game.

Here’s everything about Amorphous Material in The First Descendant, including how to open them.

How to get Amorphous Material

There are 13 different types of Amorphous Materials you can get in The First Descendant, and you’ll earn them by completing Zone Recon Missions, Special Operations, Resource Defense Missions, Mine Blocking Missions, or Void Intercept Battles.

Amorphous Materials in TFD
Each Amorphous Material has its own Reconstructed Device.

You are going to need Amorphous Material to unlock Descendants and Ultimate weapons, although opening them isn’t an easy task.

How to open Amorphous Material

To open an Amorphous Material, you’ll need to look for its Reconstructed Device. These terminals are specifically linked to each material, and will only drop at the end of Void Intercept Battles or Void Fusion Reactor missions.

Once you finish these battles, the Reconstructed Device will spawn, and it will allow you to open its corresponding Amorphous Material.

However, opening these materials will give you random items. If you want to be sure what you should be gathering, you can visit Magister Anais in Albion and ask her to examine the parts and blueprints of the Descendant or weapon you want. She’ll also tell you what you need to do to open the particular material you are looking for.

Keep in mind that after opening Amorphous Materials, you may not get the item you were looking for. You can increase your chances of getting rare resources by using Shape Stabilizers at the Reconstructed Device.

The First Descendant revealed all its rewards for its pre-season Battle Pass, so make sure to start grinding it to get weapons, enhancement materials, and cosmetics as rewards. Remember that you can also get different rewards depending on the World difficulty you choose.