How to get Crystallization Catalyst in The First Descendant

Aryan Singh
Descendant running in The First Descendant

Crystallization Catalysts are used for perfecting your character builds in The First Descendant. Just like Amorphous Material, these items can be tricky to find but become quite essential as you progress further into the game.

If you’ve been looking for Crystallization Catalysts for hours to no avail, here’s how to get and use them in TFD.

How to get Crystallization Catalysts

There are three ways to get Crystallization Catalysts:

  • You can get two of them on the Premium reward track of the Pre-season Battle Pass
  • They can be purchased from the in-game shop for 300 Caliber
  • They can be researched through Magisters Anais in Albion

The first two methods require you to spend a bit of cash, so we recommend researching them instead. Anais can be found in western Albion, interact with her and you’ll find the option to research Crystallization Catalysts under ‘Enhancement Materials.’

Anais location in The First Descendant
Anais is located in Albion.

Here are the required materials and Mastery Rank to research them:

  • 1 Crystallization Catalyst Blueprint
  • Mastery Rank: Research Available at Rank 1
  • 8 Murky Energy Residue
  • 22 Macromolecule Biogel
  • 8 Mix Energy Residue
  • 18 Advanced Neural Circuit
  • 187,500 Gold

How to use

Crystallization Catalysts are used to change the Socket types of your Descendant or weapon Modules. By matching a Module to a slot with the same Socket type, its Capacity Cost is halved. This basically lowers the capacity drain of the Module.

Here’s how to apply them:

  1. Open your inventory and select the Descendant Module or weapon Module you want to apply it to
  2. Select ‘Module Additional Settings,’ and then ‘Assign Module Socket Type
  3. Carefully select the Socket Module type and apply it to the slot which has a module with the same symbol
Assign Module Socket Type screen in The First Descendant
Match the symbols while the selecting Socket type.

By successfully matching the symbols, your build will become more efficient. However, making a mistake will lead to the Capacity Cost being bumped up by 50%.

Being you start assigning Socket types, make sure to try out other Descendants such as Viessa and Freyna