Best build for Sharen in The First Descendant

Emily Stander
Sharen in The First Descendant

Sharen is the only stealth-focused character in The First Descendant, so a lot of players are keen to try out her playstyle. Before you do, you should know everything about the best build for Sharen so you can get optimal value out of her. 

She’s not the strongest Descendant, but with the right Modules, Reactors, and External Components, she offers a fresh experience compared to other characters.

Best Sharen build

  • Modules: Nimble Fingers, Electric Master, Electric Specialist, Void Domination
  • Reactor: Tingling Mixture
  • External Components: Max HP, Max Shield
  • Weapon: Thunder Cage

The best Sharen build in The First Descendant enables her to do more damage with her skills. She is quite reliant on getting value from stalking enemies and jumping out at them, but she tends to struggle when she gets overwhelmed.

Overall, you’re looking for Modules and External Components that increase her survivability while also letting her make full use of her skills, and a weapon like Thunder Cage that gives her a bit of an edge with extra AoE. Below is everything you need to know about the best build for her in detail.

Best Module Setup

1 (Skill Module)Void DominationIncreases the targeting range of Flash Shortsword. Increases enemy targeting speed.
2ShortswordAttacks using a Shortsword during Sub Attack and increase max Module Capacity.
3Increased ShieldImproves max Shields.
4Increased HPImproves max HP.
5Electric MasterIncreases Skill Power and Skill Electric Power modifiers.
6Nimble FingersConsiderably reduces Skill Cooldown.
7 (Sub Module)Skill Range MasteryIncreases Skill Range.
8HP ConcentrationImproves Max HP and Skill Critical Hit Rate.
9Increased DEFIncreases your DEF.
10Electric SpecialistIncreases Electric Skill Power Boost Ratio.
11Entropy AccelerationModerately improves Max MP and Skill Critical Hit damage.
12[Flex Slot]N/A

Sharen’s abilities require her to get up close to the enemy to get value, so using Modules like Increased Shield and Increased HP just ensures that you can maximize her potential. I found that using these Modules helped me survive a bit longer when I came out of stealth to damage or stun enemies.

She’s also quite reliant on her Skills, which means using Electric Specialist and Skill Range Mastery is essential for increased damage, and Nimble Fingers makes sure you have them on hand more often. Additionally, HP Concentration is a fantastic Mod for the best Sharen build, because it brings these two necessities in her kit together.

Best Reactors

The best Reactors to use with Sharen in The First Descendant is Tingling Mixture or Tingling Phase

She uses Dimension and Fusion skills, but she also has Electric has her main attribute. As a result, it’s best to use Reactors that enhance these traits. Since we’re going for a build that increases her damage, your best choice is Tingling Mixture. 

Overall, you’ll want to use Reactors that have a high Skill Power and Sub Attack Power for the best Sharen build. Don’t forget to meet the Optimization Condition either, as this will further boost your skill power. 

Best External Components

Sharen is a melee focused character, so you’ll want to use External Components that boost Max HP, Max Shield, DEF, and HP Recovery

Making sure she can survive her attacks is the most essential part of striking enemies successfully, so these External Components should work well in making sure you can get maximum value from her without dying unnecessarily. 

Best Weapons

The Executor Shotgun, Thunder Cage SMG, and Afterglow Sword Sniper Rifle are the best weapons to use with Sharen in The First Descendant. 


  • ATK: 16
  • Fire Rate: 109
  • Reload Speed: 1.85 seconds
  • Effective Range: 9m
  • Impending Judgement: Hitting enemies will all bullets grant Executor’s Exaltation. Highest stage increases Firearm ATK on hit and inflicts Electrocution on the target enemy. On hitting an Electrocuted enemy, increase Firearm ATK and apply this buff to the attack.
Executor Shotgun in The First Descendant.
Like Bunny, the Executor is a great choice for Sharen too.

You’re consistently going to be close to enemies, so her best build definitely includes a shotgun. The Executor is a fantastic choice because of Impending Judgement; it shouldn’t be too difficult to hit all your shots for the ATK bonus, and Electrocution flows well with Cutoff Beam and Flash Shortsword.

Thunder Cage

  • ATK: 18
  • Fire Rate: 666
  • Reload Speed: 1.4 seconds
  • Effective Range: 23m
  • Overcharge: Defeating an enemy unleashes an electric shockwave, dealing firearm ATK to nearby enemies within 3 meters.
Thunder Cage SMG in The First Descendant
The Thunder Cage helps Sharen get some more AoE damage.

The electric shockwave released with Overcharge compliments Sharen’s AoE damage weakness really well, and overall the Thunder Cage is one of the best guns in the game right now.

When using this gun, I found that I could mow down enemies quickly, and with the ATK bonus she gets with her stealth abilities, it’s a great addition for big mob attacks. 

Afterglow Sword

  • ATK: 240
  • Fire Rate: 66
  • Reload Speed: 2.5 seconds
  • Effective Range: 55m
  • Nightmare Reaper: on hitting an enemy’s weak point, inflicts the unique ability Death Propagation. On hitting an enemy Commander or Collossi, increase firearm critical hit rate and apply the effect to the attack.
Afterglow Sword Sniper Rifle in The First Descendant
This Sniper Rifle will help balance her weakness against bosses.

Sharen struggles with boss damage, so the Afterglow Sword is the perfect answer to balance out that weakness. Nightmare Reaper is an incredibly powerful unique ability that increases reload speed and damage as you hit weak points, making it essential for difficult boss fights. 

Best Active Skill

Sharen has two skills that make her stand out, and the first is Active Camouflage. This is arguably her best skill because it’s the only true stealth skill in the game, giving her a really unique playstyle that’s fun and challenging to get right.

Her Ultimate, Flash Shortsword, is by far the best damage output she has, and the only real AoE ability, giving her kit some variety. You can lock on up to 10 enemies at a time, dealing damage at range and inflicting DoT with the Electrocution debuff.

Abilities explained

  • Assassinator (Passive): Damage is increased when attacking an enemy that is not attacking Sharen.
  • Cutoff Beam: Attack enemies to inflict damage and electrocute them. 
  • Active Camouflage: Hide from enemies. The effect ends when you attack or use other skills. 
  • Impact Rounds: Launches explosives that stun enemies.
  • Flash Shortsword: Targets enemies within aiming range, and throws multiple knives to attack and electrocute them.

Sharen’s abilities cater to players who enjoy a stealthier approach, especially as the only character in The First Descendant who really has these kinds of abilities. Her playstyle makes her quite strong at melee range, but she can get overwhelmed by mobs and doesn’t have strong damage against bosses. 

How to unlock Sharen

You can unlock Sharen in The First Descendant by researching her with Anais in Albion or purchasing her from the store.

If you want to research her, you need to first collect the materials you need to craft her Enhanced Cells, Stabilizer, and Spiral Catalyst. Then you need to find her Code in the Agna Desert, and you’ll be able to unlock her through research. 

All characters in The First Descendant can be upgraded, but be sure you know how to reset your character level too. If you’re looking for Descendants with a bit more survivability and better DoT potential, check out our builds for Kyle, Ajax, and Freyna.