How to level up weapons in The First Descendant

Amitesh Dhar
Assault Rifle in The First Descendant.

In The First Descendant, if you want to make the most out of your unlocked characters, then it’s important that you level up your weapons too, because the level of your weapon determines how much damage you’ll be able to dish out.

Although the feature is similar to what you would see in Destiny 2, it has a few major differences as well.

How to transmit weapon levels

Before you start leveling up your weapons in The First Descendant, you will need to achieve Mastery Rank 3. Unless you hit this rank you won’t be able to unlock the feature required to transmit weapon levels.

Now, assuming that you’ve got the feature unlocked, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make your way to a workbench at Albion or at any of the numerous outposts and interact with it.
  2. Select “Weapon Level Transmission.”
  3. On the new screen, first, select the lower-powered weapon that you want to upgrade, and then select the weapon that you want to sacrifice.
  4. After you’ve made the choice, you’ll see a screen that will show you all the details of the upgrade, and below it, you’ll find a button that says “Weapon Level Transmission.”
  5. Click on the button and your upgrade will be complete.

If you have a level 8 weapon with good rolls, but you have a level 10 weapon with not-so-great rolls, you can convert the level 8 weapon to a level 11 weapon by sacrificing the latter through weapon level transmission.

Weapon level transmission screen The First Descendant
This feature will let you level up any god roll weapons that you get during the early game.

However, it’s worth remembering that to upgrade a weapon in The First Descendant, you’ll need to spend Phase Exchanger which is an enhancement material.

How to get Phase Exchanger

The Phae Exchanger is a material that can be obtained by completing research for Magister Anais. To research this item you will need 50 stacks of Superalloy, which you can get by dismantling Standard and Rare weapons.

Researching a Phase Exchanger will also cost you 2,500 Gold and you will have to spend one Phase Exchanger for every weapon you upgrade, so use them wisely.

Phase Exchanger The First Descendant
A phase exchanger is quite similar to the Upgrade Module from Destiny 2.

The transmission process works similarly for Ultimate weapons too, but instead of Phase Exchangers, you will have to spend Precision Phase Exchangers.

What is the max weapon level

During the preseason, the max weapon level and the max proficiency level are 30. Weapon level determines how powerful the weapon is, while weapon proficiency determines how many modules you can use with the weapon.

While weapon levels can be increased by transmission, or by getting better weapons as drops, weapon proficiency can be increased by getting kills with a particular weapon only. Proficiency also carries over for weapons with the same name, which eases up the grind to a certain extent.

Apart from having a high weapon level, you also need to have strong builds if you want to clear missions easily, so here are our best Bunny, Freyna, and Lepic builds that you should use in the game right now.

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