What are Void Intercept Battles in The First Descendant?

Stephanie Zucarelli
The First Descendant Colossus

Void Intercept Battles will let you face massive Colossuses in The First Descendant. Here’s how to play in these raids, including how to prepare for facing the bosses.

The First Descendant asks players to fight against the invaders to defend what little is left of humanity on the Ingris Continent. While doing so, they will unlock special missions such as Void Intercept Battles that will put their skills to the test.

Here’s everything you need to know about Void Intercept Battles in The First Descendant, including how to participate in them.

The First Descendant: Void Intercept Battles explained

A Void Intercept Battle is a raid that begins once you enter a specific zone with your party in The First Descendant. Your objective will be to defeat the Colossus around the area to win upgrade materials and rewards.

These raids have Standard and Hard difficulty settings, and players will have to meet specific requirements that change depending on the Colossus.

The Void Intercept Battles have a time limit and a Death Count (the total amount of times your party members can die). The mission will fail if you don’t kill the Colossus within the time limit, or if you or your friends are killed more than three times.

What is a Colossus?

A Colossus is a massive enemy that you’ll need to take down during your Void Intercept Battles in The First Descendant.

The First Descendant boss battle
You’ll have to defeat the Colossus within a time limit to complete the Void Intercept Battle.

You can check the Colossus’ stats before starting the raid, which will let you know the Damage Type for each enemy, its Main Attack Type, and Type Resistance. There’s also crucial information about the Colossus’ Destructible Parts, Removable Parts, and everything you can focus on when the boss is Frenzied.

How to play a Void Intercept Battle

To start playing a Void Intercept Battle in The First Descendant, you’ll first need to complete the “Another Duty” quest in Kingston.

You can participate in these raids by interacting with Seneca, an NPC found in Albion, and selecting the Colossus you wish to fight. When the Void Intercept Battle starts, you’ll be matched with a party, and you’ll appear in the region the boss you selected lives in.

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