Best Bunny build in The First Descendant

Emily Stander
Bunny in The First Descendant

Bunny is the second character you’ll get to unlock in The First Descendant, and she’s quickly becoming a fan-favorite choice.

Here’s everything you need to know about the best weapons, Modules, and more to use with her to create the ideal build, including how her abilities work and what you need to unlock her. 

The First Descendant Bunny build

  • Modules: Increased HP, Increased DEF, Electric Master, Electric Specialist
  • Reactor: Tingling Mixture
  • External Components: HP Recovery, Shields
  • Weapons: Thunder Cage SMG

Being an Electric character, most of her skills revolve around dealing AoE damage, so the best build revolves around reducing Skill Resource cost and Skill cooldown.

This build will also focus on increasing her overall AoE damage output while working on increasing her HP and Defense rating because you’ll be fighting in close range a lot.

Best Module Setup

1 (Skill)[Empty]
2Strong MentalityReduces your Skill Resource Cost
3Increased HPMax HP increase
4Skill Cost OptimizeReduces Skill Cost
5Electric MasterIncreases Skill Power and Skill Electric Power
6Electric SpecialistConsiderably increases your Electric Skill Power.
7 (Sub-Skill)Shock PunchIncreases Max Module Capacity
8Skill ExpansionIncreases your Skill Effect Range for valid skills
9Increased DEFIncreased defense stats
10Conservation MaximizationMassively reduces skill cost and Skill Power Modifier
11Nimble FingersReduces skill cooldown
12Electric SynctiumAdds Electric Skill Boost Ratio Bonus

Bunny’s weakness is that she has low defenses while having to move around at close range to have any effect, so you’re going to want to prioritize using Modules like Increased HP and Increased DEF to help with this issue.

Additionally, giving her skill attacks more power with Electric Master and Electric Specialist ensures that you can capitalize on her strengths, which is going in and doing high AoE damage to enemies.

Best Reactors

The Reactors that you should use with the best Bunny build are Tingling Singularity and Tingling Mixture, both of which boost Electric and/or Singular and Fusion.

Alternatively, you can also use the Tingling Mechanics Reactor which increases Electric Skill Power Boost Ratio and Tech Skill Power Boost Ratio.

Ideally, any Reactor that boosts Electric, Singular, and Fusion skills will work well with this build, so if you don’t get any of the ones mentioned above, you can use the ones that focus on the stats mentioned.

Best External Components

The External Components to use with the best Bunny build in The First Descendant are the ones that boost Shields, HP, HP Recovery, and Defense. 

She is largely focused on DPS, so her base stats for Shields and HP are not the strongest. External Components are a later-game addition to your character build, and as such, you’ll want to make sure you can survive the bigger boss fights you’ll encounter. 

External Components are also largely RNG-based, so you’ll have to put in a lot of game time to find the combination that will give you the best stat boosts. 

Best weapons for Bunny

This character performs best with the Thunder Cage SMG, Blue Beetle Scout Rifle, and Executor Shotgun

Thunder Cage

  • ATK: 18
  • Fire rate: 666
  • Reload Speed: 1.4 seconds
  • Effective Range: 23m
  • Overcharge: Defeating an enemy prompts that enemy to unleash an electric shockwave, dealing firearm ATK to nearby enemies within 3m.
Thunder Cage SMG in The First Descendant
The Thunder Cage is a strong SMG choice.

Thunder Cage is a solid option, especially as a primary weapon, because it links with her abilities incredibly well. Since her gameplay is all about fast-paced attacks, the quick reload speed and fire rate of this SMG fit in with that playstyle. 

Blue Beetle

  • ATK: 62
  • Fire Rate: 199
  • Reload Speed: 2 seconds
  • Effective Range: 35m
  • Arcane Wave: When using a Fusion skill, grants self the unique arcane energy with a set chance. When using a Singular skill, grants self the unique ability purification with a set chance.
Blue Beetle in The First Descendant
The Blue Beetle can give an extra kick to Fusion and Singularity skills.

The Blue Beetle Scout Rifle gives her some range without having to commit to something heavy like a Sniper Rifle. This weapon is especially good for her because of its Arcane Wave special ability, which meshes well with this character’s Fusion and Singular skills. 


  • ATK: 15
  • Fire Rate: 109
  • Reload Speed: 1.65 seconds
  • Effective Range: 9m
  • Impending Judgement: Hitting enemies with all bullets grants Executor’s Exaltation. Highest stage increases Firearm ATK on hit and inflicts Electrocution on the target enemy. On hitting an Electrocuted enemy, increase Firearm ATK and apply this buff to the attack.
Executor in The First Descendant
The Executor goes well with an Electric and close-range playstyle.

Since you’ll be in close-quarters combat for the most part while using this build, it’s best that you keep a Shotgun with you. Since it uses Heavy Ammo, make sure you use it against bosses and mini-bosses in The First Descendant.

For the other weapon slots, it’s better to use an SMG for all close to mid-range encounters, and Hand Cannons that use Special Ammo to eliminate enemies at long range. You could also use a Scout Rifle, but in my experience, scoping in reduces your mobility, so it’s better to go with a Hand Cannon.

Best Active ability

The best Active ability for this character is the Lightning Emission. Whenever you activate this ability, you’ll emit rings of electricity around you. Any enemy in your vicinity gets electrocuted and sometimes, just one wave is enough to kill them too.

In my experience with this ability, it helped me clear groups of enemies instantly, and I barely used my weapons to damage any monsters.

All abilities explained

This is a DPS-focused character who uses electric attacks to damage and stun enemies. Here are all her abilities:

  • Rabbit Foot (Passive): Charge electricity by moving around. Landing on the ground after a double jump inflicts damage to nearby enemies.
  • Thrill Bomb: Summons an Electro Orb that attacks and Electrocutes nearby enemies.
  • Light Speeding: Increases sprint speed and the amount of Electricity generated.
  • Lightning Emission: Moving around deals damage to nearby enemies and inflicts them with an Electrocute effect.
  • Maximum Power: Shoot out electricity to inflict damage. Damage increases in proportion to skill duration.

Her skills give her the ability to get in and out of fights quickly. Lightning Emissions and Light Speeding flow well together to do damage to enemies with electricity and are the reason we suggested weapons like the Executor Shotgun. 

Her passive ability, Rabbit Foot, means that you’ll want to move around as much as you can to make effective use of her other skills. 

How to unlock Bunny

You can unlock Bunny by completing the main quest and collecting all the parts you need to research her.

Once you reach Albion, you’ll get the Bunny Crafting Training quest, which will direct you to all the areas you need to go to collect her components. Essentially, you’ll need to complete all main missions in the Kingston area, upgrade one mod, and complete one Void Intercept Battle.

Like all other Descendants, you can also purchase this character from the store for 300 Caliber. Our builds are evolving as we play the game more, so be sure to check back later for any updates.

If you want to know more about Descendant builds, be sure to check out our build for Lepic. Otherwise, make sure you know which Descendant is the best to start with and what Mastery ranks can do for you.

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