Where to find and destroy Void Fragments in The First Descendant

Amitesh Dhar
Descendant at Albion

Void Fragments are monolithic structures that you will come across while exploring Ingris in The First Descendant, and drop some important materials and currencies when you destroy them.

These structures formed after the Vulgus consumed the Iron Heart; now, you must destroy them. So, here’s how you can identify these Void Fragments, and how to destroy them.

Where to find Void Fragments

Void Fragments can be found in every region on the map in The First Descendant. When you open the map, you’ll see different areas, and when you interact with these areas, you’ll notice that they’re subdivided into smaller regions.

Void Fragment map location.
The Void Fragment icon is highlighted in red on the map.

When exploring these regions, you will come across small monoliths with circular orbs in the middle. These are Void Fragments, and they show up as yellow ochre dots on the map.

Each region will have one such fragment, but you will be able to access them only when you’ve unlocked the Fast Travel point in that region.

How to destroy

To destroy a Void Fragment, you need to use the skill of a Descendant that’s attuned to the type of the Fragment. You’ll know it’s attunement when you hover over the icon on the map.

So, once you’ve unlocked a Descendant that matches the attunement, make your way to the Void Fragment and use a skill to damage it. You’ll notice that a bar will appear on top with a short timer.

Descendant fighting enemies.
You need to defeat waves of enemies in between damage phases.

Now, once you’ve damaged the fragment by 1/3rd of its health, or if the timer above expires, then the monolith won’t take damage anymore, and you will have to defeat a specific number of enemies before it becomes vulnerable again. Repeat this process till you’ve destroyed the Void Fragment.


  • Gold
  • Equipment (Modules & Guns)
  • Void Shards

Of all the rewards that you can get from these the Void Shards are most important because they’re used in another activity that you will come across in the regions.

How to use Void Shards

Void Shards are a currency that you need to use for the Void Fusion Reactor activity in The First Descendant. There are four different types of Void Shards that you can get by destroying Void Fragments, and each Fusion Reactor activity needs these shards in varying amounts.

Once you’ve got enough Void Shards to start a Fusion Reactor activity, all you need to do is make your way to the Reactor and interact with it. It’ll spawn a miniboss and a lot of smaller ads that you need to defeat to complete the activity.

If you’re finding it difficult to destroy these Void Fragments, make sure you level up your weapons properly, and you’re using the best builds for characters like Bunny and Lepic when facing the enemy.