How to Fast Travel in The First Descendant

Amitesh Dhar
The first Descendant character standing at Albion.

The First Descendant map is quite vast and is broken down into multiple regions that you can easily access via Fast Travel points while exploring the world.

As you progress through the story and unlock different Descendants, you will gain access to more regions and a wider variety of missions, but getting to them can be a pain if you cannot Fast Travel.

How to Fast Travel

To Fast Travel, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Access the map (M on a keyboard, and Up-key on the D-Pad for controllers)
  2. Move the cursor and select the area where you want to travel to.
  3. Once the area opens up into the three different zones, hover over the Outpost that you want to travel to and long press the Interact button (A-key on controllers, and E on keyboard.)
Fast Travel points on a map.
Each zone has just one Fast Travel point that you can teleport to.

How to unlock

These Fast Travel points will unlock automatically as you progress through the story and discover the different areas. The missions are designed in such a way that they’ll take you across the different areas on the map.

To visit one of the newer zones, you’ll have to teleport to it and whenever you teleport to a zone for the first time, you’ll unlock the Outpost. After that, this Fast Travel point will be available to you permanently.

You can also Fast Travel to temporary safe zones that are available during some missions, but you won’t be able to access them once the mission is over.

What are Fast Travel points?

Fast Travel points are represented as green dots on the map and are commonly referred to as Outposts. When you open the map in The First Descendant, you’ll notice that the entire region is broken down into multiple areas. These areas are further subdivided into zones, with one green dot in each zone.

It’s worth remembering that you will only be able to Fast Travel to these Outputs in any given zone, but before you can start traveling to them, you need to unlock them first.

When you start the campaign, you’ll be asked to choose between three Descendants, and as you progress through the game Bunny will be the first Descendant you get to unlock.