Homeworld 3: All ship types explained

Lucas Simons
Homeworld 3 star fleet

In Homeworld 3, you need to know which types of ships you need to take your fleet command skills to the next level. Here’s every type of ship in Homeworld 3, including stats, abilities, and more.

Homeworld 3 has an incredible array of ships you can add to your fleet and control using several formations and stances. Learning how to use each ship is the key to victory in this RTS space combat game.

So, here’s every ship type in Homeworld 3 explained, including stats, abilities, and more.


Homeworld 3 mothership explained

During the Homeworld 3 campaign, you will take command of the Khar-Kushan, a Mothership class vessel with incomparable durability and capable of producing all other units in your fleet. It is a movable fortress, so keeping it functioning and safe from enemy attacks will be crucial for the survival of the fleet.

The mothership has no particular advantage against any type of ship. Still, it compensates it with thousands of hit points, and access to powerful abilities like Overcharge, Self-Repair, Fusion Missile, and Toggle Chassis Orientation.

Bomber class ship in Homeworld 3
The Fleet Bomber will be your main weapon against high-class vessels.

Homeworld 3 utility ships & defensive structures explained

Homeworld 3 utility class ships include probes, resource control ships, and defensive structures that are mainly turrets.

Here’s a detailed list of every utility ship and their main abilities, alongside their strengths and weaknesses:

Type of vesselAbilitiesStrong againstWeak against
Resource ControllerSalvage – CaptureNoneEvery other ship
Probe NoneNoneEvery other ship
Support FrigateRepairNoneEvery other ship
Anti-Strikecraft TurretDeployment/redeploymentStrike class ships, Fighters Corvette class ships, long-range ships
Heavy Torpedo TurretDeployment/redeploymentCapital and Torpedo shipsCorvette class ships, long-range ships
Carrier Unit production speed increaseNoneSingle-target, high-damage opponents.

Homeworld 3 combat ships explained

In Homeworld 3, combat ships are mainly classified on size and purpose. You will be able to command strikers, interceptors, corvettes, frigates, battle cruisers, and high-class ships like the Carrier and the Destroyer.

Here’s a list of every combat ship in Homeworld 3, including their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses:

Type of vesselAbilitiesStrong againstWeak against
Recon OverburnerUtility class ships, probes, Recon shipsAll combat ships
Interceptor OverchargeFighter class ships, frigates, corvettesTurrets, high-class ships
Fleet BomberCloakCorvettes, Battle Cruisers, CarriersTurrets, Striker class ships
Railgun CorvetteBurst FireTurrets, high-class shipsFighters, frigates
Assault FrigatePolarized PlatingFighters, recon ships, corvettesHigh-class ships, long-range corvettes
Ion Cannon FrigateBurn ModeCorvettes, Battle Cruisers, CarriersFighters, long-range corvettes
Mine Layer FrigateMine placement modes Wall, Sphere, BoxCapital ShipsAll combat ships
Suppression FrigateFusion RoundsFighter formationsHigh-class ships, long-range corvettes
Torpedo FrigateMissile Thrust BoostCorvettes, Battle Cruisers, CarriersFighters, frigates
DestroyerVolleyEvery shipCapital ships, high-class ships
BattlecruiserFire ControlEvery shipTurrets, high-class ships

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