How to get more ships in Homeworld 3

Aakash Regmi
Ships in Homeworld 3

If you’re wondering how to unlock, as well as craft, more ships in all the modes in Homeworld 3, here’s all you need to know.

From scavenging resources to fending off enemies, your fleet will be what will help you survive galactic warfare and protect your Mothership in Homeworld 3. To build the strongest fleet, you will first need to learn how to build more vessels, and how to unlock every ship.

So, here’s how to unlock ships in Homeworld 3, as well as how to craft them. 

How to unlock ships in Homeworld 3

Ships in Homeworld 3 unlock differently based on the mode you’re playing. In the campaign, you can unlock ships by simply playing the game and progressing forward. Once unlocked, you need to research the ship, and it’ll be available for crafting. 

For modes like Skirmish and War Games, it depends on the fleet you’ve chosen. You can check all the ships available for craft and research on the build menu, and there will be requirements laid out that you’ll have to complete to build new ships.

In War Games, more fleet becomes available once you’ve completed the mission, allowing you to craft more ships through your Carrier.

ship fight in Homeworld 2
There are cross to a dozen of ships that you can craft in Homeworld 3.

How to craft new ship in Homeworld 3

To build a new ship in Homeworld 3, just bring forth the Build/Research menu by pressing “B” and there you’ll see all the ships available for crafting and research.

As said, each ship’s crafting will require a certain amount of resources or may have other requirements. 

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