Homeworld 3: How to level up fast in War Games

Aakash Regmi
Fight near mothership in Homeworld 3

Homeworld 3 introduced a brand new mode to the series in War Games, a roguelike mode that gets increasingly tough the more you play. If you’re wondering how to level up quickly for the mode, here’s all you need to know. 

No matter what mode you’re playing in Homeworld 3, the only way to survive is by putting together a formidable fleet. In War Games, unlocking new fleets is tied to your level, and given how grueling it can get without proper ships at your disposal, you’d want to rank up fast. 

All that said, here’s how to level up in Homeworld 3’s newly added War Games mode.

How to farm XP in Homeworld 3 War Games

In the Homeworld 3 War Games, the quickest way to level up is by adding difficulty modifiers and completing all tasks quickly.

Difficulty modifiers in War Games Homeworld 3
Selecting higher modifiers will automatically tick the lower ones.

There are 10 different modifiers, with the highest one netting you a whopping 500% bonus XP. Of course, selecting all of them will make the game harder. Each section also has certain objectives that you need to complete, and if you complete them quickly you’ll also get bonus XP.

If you find playing War Games challenging in Homeworld 3, you can always tune into co-op and play in a group of three.

You can also check out the ‘Task’ tab from the main menu, where there will be challenges for War Games, completing them will unlock some powerful Artifacts for your next run, and some of them are really powerful and can help you in netting you a longer haul.

Leveling up in War Games rewards new fleets, Artifacts, and profile icons. That’s everything about leveling up fast in Homeworld 3. For more on the other biggest games releasing soon, check out: 

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