F1 24 dev explains why no classic cars or tracks have returned despite new Icons

Max Candelarezi
F1 2020 classic cars

Every year brings a new F1 installment, and F1 24 continues with this as players’ excitement to see classic content also returns. However, during an interview with CharlieIntel, F1 24’s Lee Mather explained why classic cars or tracks haven’t returned.

Formula 1 boasts an extensive history with a huge amount of content that could be introduced to the game series and F1 24 transfers this by including several F1 racing legends as playable drivers in Career Mode.

Each installment of Codemasters’ racing franchise brings back players’ excitement to see classic content like iconic cars and tracks. Notably, during F1 24’s Career Mode Deep Dive trailer, the Hockenheim circuit appeared on a shelf, leading players to believe the 2024 tile could finally carry this content.

However, despite this cool Easter egg and bringing Icons within the 2024 F1 title, Codemasters’ Senior Creative Director, Lee Mather, confirmed that F1 24 won’t feature classic tracks or cars during an interview with CharlieIntel.

While the team doesn’t rule out bringing back this content in the future, Lee mentioned that they decided to focus on the 2024 season circuits’ “realism and authenticity,” including a complete overhaul of two of the most important tracks, Silverstone and Spa, alongside significant updates to Lusail and Jeddah.

Ferrari's Leclerc racing at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit
Spa-Francorchamps circuit was completely overhauled for F1 24 after being requested for 10+ years.

The last time players had access to classic cars in an F1 game was the largely praised F1 2020, featuring Prost and Senna’s McLaren-Honda MP4/4, Alonso’s Renault R26, and Schumacher’s F2000, Montoya’s Williams FW25, among others.

As for tracks, despite F1 23 featuring additional classic tracks as part of a DLC, F1 players had access to classic tracks for the last time in 2013, with several options including Hockenheim, Estoril, and others.

With that said, the arrival of classic tracks and cars in F1 titles won’t be coming soon as Codemasters’ interest is set on achieving an authentic current F1 experience for the fans – however, Lee still maintains the answer is “never say never” when it comes to classic cars and tracks returning.