Fortnite Season 2 could bring OG Kratos skin following leaks

Aryan Singh
Kratos skin in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is shaping up to be something special. The Greek-mythology-inspired touches already have players excited, and now, renowned insiders are suggesting that Kratos from the original God of War trilogy could play a part in the season.

Fortnite rarely fails to produce events that bind the community together and point them in the direction of a common goal. To close out Chapter 5 Season 1, the game spawned a massive Titan Hand near Ruined Reels with a hefty chest hanging off it.

The POI is an early glimpse at the upcoming Season 2, and players were tasked with spamming bullets at the chains wrapped around the structure. The community obliged and unloaded an obscene amount of bullets, resulting in the opening of Pandora’s Box.

Just like its mythic counterpart, the box unleashed trouble on the Island in the form of tornadoes and thunderstorms. It also confirmed that Chapter 5 Season 2 will borrow heavily from Greek mythology. This saw the resurgence of various rumors regarding the upcoming season’s content, including speculation about the involvement of God of War’s Kratos.

Popular Fortnite insiders such as HYPEX and ShiinaBR on X both shared a bit of information about the possible collaboration. They stated that “Young Kratos” from “(2005) God of War” had been mentioned in a recent Epic Games survey.

These surveys often provide strong hints at upcoming collabs, partnerships, and even Battle Pass skins. Given Season 2’s Greek mythology roots and the mention of “Young Kratos,” it’s easy to see how the rumor took shape.

The mention of “(2005) God of War” is particularly interesting, as it points towards a much more vengeful iteration of Kratos, who was hell-bent on slaying the pantheon of Greek gods. It’s worth also noting that the newer, more mature version of the character from 2018’s God of War has already appeared in Fortnite.

If these rumors amount to anything, we could see “Young Kratos” appear in the game soon. But at the moment, all of this remains unconfirmed.

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