Fortnite players sick of griefers spoiling Titan Hand mini-event

Aakash Regmi
Fortnite Titan Hand mini event

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 is nearing its end, and to mark the beginning of Season 2, there is a new Titan Hand mini-event. Much like other Fortnite events, it requires the community to work together, but some players are spoiling the party for others by killing them instead of participating.

There is not long to go before Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 5 gets rolling, and although official details on it remain slim, there have been plenty of leaks detailing all that awaits. It is said to be based on Greek mythology, with the recent Titan Hand mini-event suggesting the same.

The event has players shoot the chains wrapped around a titan hand that holds a chest. However, the chains are tanky, and it’ll take a collective effort from the players to break it and see what it has to offer. Players are flocking to it, as this will mark the end of Season 1.

Some are playing as intended, but others are acting a little nosy and farming kills instead. There are multiple posts from players reporting how infuriated they are by this. Reddit user ‘IRS_Agent-636’ posted a clip on FortniteBR subreddit, showing how they were griefed during the event.

In the clip, the OP can be seen peacefully hammering the chains, but someone knowingly killed them. The OP wrote, “Whole rest of map to look for people, just leave chain people alone.”

Plenty of players are annoyed in the comments, and agreed that “the people that do this are the people that tell their coworkers to work harder.” Another user said, “I never go to places like this with weapons. I’d rather focus on the objective and then if I get killed they get no ammo or guns off of me. Least I can do to screw ’em over.”

Another player made a similar post on Reddit, saying, “Imagine being the person shooting people damaging the chest.” Many can be seen agreeing here as well, as a user commented, “Was going to make this same post lol, worst kind of players.”

On X (formerly Twitter), players had the same sentiment, with plenty of users sharing their frustration.

Another user wrote on X, “This ain’t gonna happen people just wanna win… I’ve been trying to damage the chains but obviously, people attack me when I try.”

While some fans did suggest either a dedicated mode or some sort of immunity, players quickly shot the idea down as it would strip the “challenge” of the event, and that it could go against the idea of these mini-events. Others, meanwhile, recommended just tuning into Team Rumble mode if anybody wants to relentlessly shoot the chains.

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