Fortnite Hades boss could bring most deadly Mythic yet

Amitesh Dhar
Fortnite Hades skin

Fortnite players are expecting a new mythic Grapple weapon in Chapter 5 Season 2, after spotting a hint in the Hades skin teaser image.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 will see the arrival of some popular Greek Gods to the island. These characters will likely be mini-bosses in the game, as has been the trend so far, and there’s also a chance that they might bring some new Mythic weapons and gear to the game.

As noticed by players, Zeus was seen carrying Tactical Gear in the teaser image. Quite similarly, the Hades teaser depicts the god wielding a long chain with a skull on one end.

Player ‘IWillFindYou123’ took to Reddit to share their opinion, arguing this chain-like object could be a new Mythic in Fortnite.

They also suggested that it would be nice if the grapple Mythic could deal poison damage or some sort of damage to the enemy when grappling onto them.

Other players replied to what the OP had to say and shared their own thoughts about the potential Mythic in the Fortnite teaser image.

‘Speeda2’ said, “I think it’s a unique melee weapon. You might be able to use it as a grapple blade, but just being a completely new type of weapon in the form of a mythic snake whip would be cool as hell.”

There were a few who believed that this could be a reskin for the grapple blade. One player said, “Starting real early with reskinned weapons, huh? They couldn’t even make a unique one for the teaser.”

Others hoped that these Fortnite Mythics would finally be an item like the Iron Man gloves or the Light Sabers, rather than a powerful gun. A player said, “My guess is the Gods are gonna be around the map like the bosses/medallions were. You kill the God you get their weapon.”

‘Grookeymon’ replied to the previous comment and said, “Which hopefully is an actual mythic and not a gun .”

With the new season going live on March 8, players are eager to see what the new Fortnite season has in store for them.

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