“Genius” Fortnite player tricks enemy into thinking they’re an NPC

Amitesh Dhar
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Tricking someone into believing that you’re an NPC in Fortnite is one of the oldest strategies that players tend to use in the Battle Royale. One player found out the efficiency of this trick the hard way in the new underground portion of the map.

In Fortnite, you will come across a lot of skins, which include the NPCs that you can see on the island. These skins are usually a part of that season’s Battle Pass, and anyone who’s reached the required tier can unlock and use the skin, provided they’ve purchased the Battle Pass to begin with.

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Whenever you use skins of the characters who are NPCs on the island, there’s always a chance that you can trick your enemies into believing that you’re the NPC. It’s not a very difficult trick to pull off, provided you know what you’re doing.

Players keep falling for this trick every now and then, and as posted by ‘Subject_Beat_9211’ on Reddit, this trick works every time.

As seen in the post above, the OP approaches one of the many underground bunkers in the game. As they explore the bunker, they come across Underground Jonesy, an NPC that is usually found inside these areas in Fortnite.

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To their bad luck, the moment OP approached the NPC in Fortnite, it turned out that it was an enemy, who quickly swapped to their weapon and gunned them down. Player ‘CriticalSecurity9742’ saw the clip and commented, “That’s actually genius.”

Another Fortnite player said, “Just please for the love of god don’t equip a bright neon green gun wrap like this guy.” Redditor ‘RonMexico432′ chimed in with yet another trick and said, “I always like (it) when people drop a random gun in a field as a trap. And people fall for it!’

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Quite similar to the Fortnite NPC trick, players wear blue skins and hide on top of a Reboot van in the game to ambush their opponents. In short, there are a lot of ways to get creative in the Battle Royale experience, and it’s interesting to see players come up with new strategies every day.

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