Fortnite players tired of “dumbest NPC ever”

Ezequiel Leis
Metal Mouth and Zadie in Fortnite

Fortnite allows players to hire different NPCs in Chapter 5 Season 1, but many are done with a specific character that seems to be playing against them.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 is in full swing, giving players many things to do on the battle royale island. From capturing the train loot to getting useful Society Medallions, the new Chapter has something for everyone. Also, after a brief hiatus, players can again hire different NPCs across the island to get an edge in battle.

Sadly, however, not all NPCs seem to be great allies in Fortnite, and many players are done especially with Heavy Specialist Metal Mouth.

Reddit user ‘pansdisme’ shared a video where the Metal Mouth NPC starts throwing Cluster Clingers at player-built structures, making them fall to their death. The player stated, “Never hiring you again,” which sparked a conversation among many Fortnite fans.

Sadly, the OP isn’t the only one who had a bad time after hiring Metal Mouth in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1. Another player commented, “Metal Mouth might be the dumbest NPC ever put in game. At this point I’m not even sure that he’s not programmed to troll. Every time I’ve hired him he’s hit me with clingers three times more than he’s thrown them at enemies. He almost always wrecks any build I put up.”

Another Fortnite player also shared their bad experience with Metal Mouth and added, “I haven’t hired an NPC since.” “Dude the cluster bomb NPC is the most unstable mfer in FN universe. I’ll be completely alone and the dude will just start bombing s**t. Then I’m ducking and weaving trying to locate the enemy… who doesn’t exist,” added another Reddit user.

Of course, other players found the video very funny, which even made the OP admit: “I was SO mad. I had a good game. But then after it started to become funny.” OP then added, “The funny thing was I had a grapple blade, so I could have survived if my reaction time was faster than a turtle.”

Some believe it’s the Cluster Clinger’s fault and not the Metal Mouth NPC’s since they have had weird experiences trying to aim the grenade correctly in different matches.

It might be up to Epic Games to fix either the item or the specific NPC, but it seems Metal Mouth won’t be earning any more Gold Bars for his services this season.

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