Fortnite players debate whether popular skin confirms different hitbox theory

Stephanie Zucarelli
Giant Chicken from Family Guy

A Fortnite fan insists that they’ve finally proven the “Hitbox Theory,” which could show why different skins have a greater advantage over others while trying to survive in the Epic Games’ battle royale.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 has brought great new content, such as LEGO Fortnite and Rocket Racing, besides the Family Guy and Metal Gear collabs that compete to be one of the most popular in the history of Epic Games’ battle royale. However, fans are intrigued by a long-running theory that a player claims to have proven with the Giant Chicken skin.

The “Hitbox Theory,” which has spread among the Fortnite community, describes that bigger skins like Brutus or Thanos have a different hitbox than other cosmetics and that they’re at a great disadvantage when trying to survive in the battle royale. This theory also claims that smaller skins have a more “compact” hitbox, giving players better odds in fights.

A user called ‘Captain Relyk’ sparked fans’ curiosity after claiming to have proved that the “Hitbox Theory” was true, and showed some tests done with the Giant Chicken skin, introduced in the Item Shop as part of the Family Guy collab.

The player shared a video where they compare different skins with the Giant Chicken skin, and it seems obvious that the latter has a greater hitbox than the others. The OP suggested that Epic Games could add different HPs depending on the cosmetic, and also some other features depending on the skins’ body type.

However, most Fortnite fans were skeptical about this “discovery” since there were many others who failed to prove the “Hitbox Theory.” “Is it real? The last time a YouTuber claimed the hitbox was different, I found out he was using the mystique emote bug which changes the hitbox of the skin she transforms into,” asked user ‘zeph2.’

“How is nobody pointing out how awful this test was done? There is no way that they’re perfectly aligned by someone just eyeballing it, of course, the chicken is gonna be sticking out slightly,” pointed out user ‘GiddyFishyy.’ “And both skins are using different pickaxes so they aren’t even doing the same animations as each other. Not convinced at all lol.”

Most players agreed that OP’s video wasn’t proof enough to convince them, since the characters shown weren’t aligned enough to prove that they had a different hitbox. “It’s literally the same hitbox but OP and the guy making the video are depth blind or don’t know the concept of depth and field of view,” explained user ‘TyTv.’

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