Fortnite players slam Rocket Racing “impossible” reward challenges

Stephanie Zucarelli
An image of a car in Fortnite Rocket Racing.Epic Games

Epic Games introduced Rocket Racing to Fortnite, and added a set of challenges that players think are too hard to even try. Here’s what the Fortnite community said about them.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 added many things to Epic Games’ title, from a brand-new map to bizarre collabs with Family Guy and Metal Gear Solid. This chapter also added fan-acclaimed game modes like Fortnite Festival and LEGO Fortnite, although users who like racing challenges are all over the Fortnite Rocket Racing game mode.

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However, Fortnite fans have noticed that this mode’s Rank Challenges are borderline “impossible,” and that they lock out players from getting some of the best cosmetics to equip their car with.

From completing 10 races at Diamond Rank, or even getting 20 races at Unreal Rank, Fortnite players agree that these challenges take too much time to accomplish. “You just need no job, no life, no friends, and you can’t play any other modes. Easy,” commented sarcastically user ‘JustJig.’

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While some fans argue that having some extremely difficult challenges was a great incentive, others pointed out that these turned the whole mechanic useless.

“The amount of time you’d have to put into Rocket Racing to get those isn’t worth it to me. I’ll cut my losses with those,” said Redditor ‘Adventurous-Can-2256.’

Even Fortnite fans who have spent all their time unlocking these rewards have complained that the challenges were extreme and that they felt that spending up to 100 hours completing them “wasn’t worth it.”

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Fortnite Rocket Racing is still one of the less developed game modes released during Chapter 5 Season 1, so it’s probable that fans will get more challenges, rewards, and overall content in future updates.

And that’s why Fortnite players are slamming Rocket Racing cosmetic rewards. If you want to know more about Epic Games’ battle royale, you can check why players claim that cheating has got out of control in Chapter 5, or what players had to say about the Battle Pass V-Bucks grind in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1.

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