Fortnite update accidentally makes skins bald and players don’t know how to feel

Ezequiel Leis
Fortnite's Jonesy shocked

The latest Fortnite update brought a lot of content for Festival fans but also a bug that unlocks bald styles for many characters.

Since Fortnite added a ton of new game modes for players to enjoy, updates are more frequent than ever, bringing new content for the whole Fortnite universe. However, that also means that bugs and glitches are becoming more frequent in the battle royale.

The latest Fortnite Festival update added Billie Eilish as the star of season 3, but battle royale players already caught a hilarious bug that’s making some skins lose their hair. While nobody knows why exactly is this happening, many skins have lost their hair after the recent additions.

What’s more, some players decided to try these skins in battle royale matches, only to realize it’s worse than they could have imagined. Aside from the funny gag, it seems like the skin’s hair can be seen floating above the player’s head completely detached. Other players can see this clearly, meaning you won’t be able to hide easily while wearing these affected outfits.

Codename E.L.F. is one of the affected skins, and players are calling it “CODENAME B.A.L.D.” and saying it’s an “unreleased style” for the outfit. Others are joking by saying this could be part of a secret crossover with the Hitman franchise.

Fortnite players aren’t sure how to feel about this, as one mentioned “they should make bald a second option” for all outfits. Others hate this bug, as it is affecting some of their favorite skins. However, as it happens with most glitches, most players are finding this bug extremely funny, commenting things like “Hair is too controversial nowadays” and “Finally some representation in this game.”

Aside from Codename E.L.F., other affected skins include Deadfire, who lost his cowboy hat, Starfish, and the Christmas-themed Crackshot, who’s now without a mask and shows a creepy face underneath. Luckily, Epic Games noticed the Reddit post shown above and asked the OP to share more details so they can work on a fix. This could mean the next Fortnite update might fix all these bugs, so stay tuned for more.

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